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  1. Hi !

    he is a good friend of mine
  2. guess its why

    Well, for me, a lot of players know me as « Ben » on silent1 and hardcore and sometimes I wanted to switch to the Allies team after a shuffle because I love the « good side » lol. Well, anyway, I got banned on silent1 for a whole month in late May for doing just that. However, for me, I take it as a time to reflect upon myself and how to better myself next time. As long as the ban is temporary, I'm okay with that. My ban will be up on June 27th. I do not plead or complain my bans. I simply take it as an offering of self-improvement. So, I have, indeed, played Axis when there was a shuffle on hardcore (defense is pretty hard, too!). P.S. Nobody can give up ET. It's like a drug.
  3. Is this game on his final days?

    If ET was available on Steam, I would suspect a temporary increase in player base, but since it's an old game, the player base will drop somewhat down to its original amount.
  4. This is very useful. Thank you.
  5. Simple C++ code examples.

    One of the most interesting things about OOP is Polymorphism. It allows an object to take on many forms. It's similar to the example above, involving class inheritance. Both C++ and Java implement this technique well. Tell me if you like to know more. I'll post some code.
  6. Thank you.

    Hey man. Just like to say sorry bout that shit earlier. I know I was a **** to you. Have a great time, man. Whatever you do. Best wishes, RubberDuck.
  7. Simple C++ code examples.

    #include <iostream> using namespace std; class A{ public: string displayMsg(void); }; class B: public A{ }; string A::displayMsg(void){ return "A message from class A"; } int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ B b; cout << b.displayMsg() << endl; return 0; }
  8. TeamSpeak 3

    Hey, I saw you, Amberstarrox, on TS today. Play ET!
  9. Hobbies??

    My hobby is studying French a whole lot. Everyday I do it. The true Canadian.
  10. Simple C++ code examples.

    #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Rectangle{ public: int getArea(); Rectangle(int, int); private: int height; int length; }; Rectangle::Rectangle(int length, int height){ this->length = length; this->height = height; } int Rectangle::getArea(void){ return length * height; } int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ int length; cout << "Enter length: " << endl; cin >> length; int height; cout << "Enter height: " << endl; cin >> height; Rectangle rectangle(length, height); cout << "The area of the rectangle is: " << rectangle.getArea() << endl; return 0; }
  11. How do I ignore a player permanently on the silent1/hardcore? The /ignore command only works temporarily.
  12. Saint-Pierre et miquelon

    I'm actually a grand hobbyist of country flags. Thanks for sharing this, First. Appreciate it.
  13. =F|A= HQ NEW MAP

    Meh, it's average at best.