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  1. Happy Birthday 1337!

  2. tonight went hard! Love how kahleesi (sp?) played that whole situation. When she first started speaking the slave masters language I was like "oh sh*t! here it comes!"
  3. nice, I immediately saw it though. First the body and had to look around for the head.
  4. not sure if its me... but none of the links work.
  5. Oh man I agree, I was completely shocked when he finished the bible quote. I was like "Merle... reads the bible...?"
  6. I agree with most of what was it. It does have a certain realism about it not commonly found on other zombie shows/movies, even though I like most of them. Its a really awesome show, but crap last night's was boring lol!
  7. It kinda is an anarchist group of hacktivists, no hierarchy, made up of "groups" of hactivists that mostly work together within Anonymous. But youre right, it would be perfectly possible.
  8. so an elite hacktivist conglomerate gets hacked by another group of hacktivists. not surprisingly.
  9. just did it, confirmed. much much better visuals
  10. I havent noticed a new rotation yet?
  11. Oh my, yes we need to get rid of pipeline. Oh lawd baby jesus yes we do

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