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  1. Nejii* a cheater?

    kay ^^ close topic.... nothing to say anymore....
  2. Nejii* a cheater?

    yeah ^^ make a other video and make sure you turned your shit off.... next time i get you and the other guys who are cheating..... dumbshit target changing AIMbot ....and turn your wallhack off.....
  3. Nejii* a cheater?

    xDDDDDD yeah i'm so mad...... ^^ i accept guys who are better than me ..... but hey you ARE a cheater ^^ take your mousecurser and klick to minute >>>5:13<<< and watch it over and over again ^^ ..... it's NOT normal .... NOT!!!! NORMAL!!!! you are cheating .... and thats just lame.....
  4. Nejii* a cheater?

    yeah i know that now..... thanks ... next time.....
  5. Nejii* a cheater?

    watch the video at 5:05..... isn't that moving enough evidence? it's obviously that he is a cheater..... very exact it's at minute 5:13 watch it over and over again !!! xDD it's just funny he wasn't detected all the time....
  6. Nejii* a cheater?

    Thank you for that information ^^ didn't know you can record ingame ^^
  7. Nejii* a cheater?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mODMWmQCWr8 i started to watch that guy.... ^^ bann him or leave him .... you guys deside anyway..... my comments start at 2:40 at 5:05 you can see very very very nice how smooth and exact he switches from one target to the next......
  8. Well I think F|A should start making cool gameplay videos

    I'm still just interested in gaming.... and making cool videos ^^ i have no x-fire.... it's a fraps video recording.... ^^ but what i want is to get more people to the server and to wolfenstein et and maybe to your community ^^ that's why i have tagged you guys on the youtubevideo, in the description and the titel of the video..... it's a tribute to your very nice servers and i want to start recording these damn fak wallhackers.... so you ban that fukkers
  9. Well I think F|A should start making cool gameplay videos

    feel free to use that video on your channel
  10. Well I think F|A should start making cool gameplay videos

    my world is <<WOLFENSTEIN ET>> .... ^^ and there aren't many wolfenstein et videos
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8Xi9muG7p4 my first video ^^ just 4 fun ....
  12. Hey Guys ^^

    Hi! i'm from Austria im 23 (and my real name is Johannes) call me Johnny ^^ The one and only game i play is Wolfenstein Enemy Territory on the Server "Beginners" the weirdest Server I've ever played on. I played that game for 5 or 6 years. And I'm on that server for maybe half a year. I don't know if I'm a member yet, but i have been invited and i would be glad to join this clan. Some guys i know from the server are: FA Anibal, Onichan/Japan, Kokain, DFighter, nightmare/reality, psycho, pinoy, angel I think they would say, i'm a pretty good player if the day is fine and i'm in a good mod. I never used aimbots or other stuff.... and i don't use x-fire.... To my person: I like animes, films, wolfenstein et, 9gag! and other useless stuff xD A pic of me is coming recently