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  1. well right now im contacting splash damage to help me publicize the game if it does get build, because lets face it any remake being made as of now will be a complete failure im asking splash damage if they would advertise the game and host the servers if my team were to build everything profit-free, if splash damage agrees which they should we can start forming a team which will also be easy and start updating this game as soon as possible
  2. hello everyone my name is wolf I have been playing this game for 9 years off and on since 2003 when it first came out, I am a computer programmer/game designer and have just started playing wolf et again after a 3 year break. if anyone here will know me it will be from 2009 and before just known as wolf I was a well known and respected player and in my prime I would have consider myself to be a pro. my goals are to have fun meet new people and hopefully keep wolf et running for a few more years if you have the time visit my other forum on wolf et remake/touch up. we desperately need to update this game ourselves 100% free or we will see this game fade before our eyes I would like to thank anyone who reads this
  3. first of all hello everyone my name is wolf I have been playing this game since 2003 off and on and have recently started again after a 3 year break, anyways to some of us wolf et is the greatest game of all time and let's be honest its a miracle that this game is still running. I was expecting this game to be gone by 2010. but bottom line is this isn't going to last forever one day the servers will be shut down forever and this game will just be another forgotten classic. I created an account today in hopes of getting a some programmers and designers to help me start making a huge remake/touch up of wolf et, this has obviously been attempted before but what I am saying that we actually try to keep our favorite game alive even if it takes years(which it wont unless im the only person doing it) it will be worth it! The source code is available as im sure every single one of you knows this, im not talking about a brand new game with crazy graphics giant maps or any of that all's I am saying is that we can keep enemy territory running for a few more years if we just touch the game up with a bit better graphics, more classes, different objectives pretty much an enemy territory remake because this is going to be completely voluntary, I myself will put as much time as possible into this and will promise not to back out I just need some people willing to help me, im sure a lot of people here have there basic programming and anyone can design maps if they learn how which doesn't really take any time. this is obviously not a sign up sheet because im not looking to fail this is simply a starting forum to see people's idea's on the subject and if I actually have people to help me to this I want to thank anyone for reading this and lets see where this takes us

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