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  1. thx Gubbi, I'll try the mirror links to see what happen. And yea, thanks again for your help: getting my xp reseted each time was a pain in the ass. I won't hesitate to recommend getting your help on this forum if anyone needs it. I tried to join some FA servers but I'm defo too noob yet to play there lol. I'm getting killed before I can hurt anyone. But expect to see me someday there again.
  2. well done dudes, I can keep my xp now The problem effectively was that I put the etkey in the wrong folder. (Application and not Application Support) Thanks a bunch to both of you !! I'll try to get back my skillz a bit and then come to Silent servers to try kick your asses a bit before dying all the best !! And yea Gubbi is alright about the 2.60d version for mac, it's the latest I can get apparently
  3. Not at all Heaven, as .exe file are only for PC I guess.
  4. oh ok Thanks Gubbi I didn't noticed that it wasn't the same path. So I haven't got the Wolfenstein ET folder in my Application Support. Just created it now and put the etkey in it, but there's actually nothing else, so I might have missed something else: Is that what you meant ?
  5. Here's all I got in my etmain folder
  6. Thanks Heaven: what's weird is that I don't have the same .cfg file in my etmain folder. I got some other .cfg (campaigncycle.cfg, imscycle.cfg, punkbuster.cfg, objectivecycle.cfg, stopwatchcycle.cfg, server.cfg) but nothing about the autoexec.cfg you showed in your screenshot. I have no clue what this mess means anyway what's on your mind regarding to this ? Should I try to just paste here the same autoexec as you according to you ? oh wait, you're on pc Heaven... I just noticed this, what a noob ... here's why I haven't got the autoexec and this means I can't connect to Xfire, it seems to be a PC only program
  7. hey there, so ... I downloaded the PK3 cleaner again, and it's the same: I can see a .jar file for a second after unzipping, but it immediately turns into a classic file folder with 3 folders in it: images / META-INF / org. Can't get the program it should turn into... I checked for updates for Java, but I'm already on the latest one apparently. I did all this: After connecting on Silent clan fa using the first code, checking my guid with the second code led my to a message "Cl_guid is NO_GUID Default: Unknown" The 3rd code seemed to work well and activate punkbuster. As you said, I just tested on one of your servers that I can connect there and keep my xp. I've been testing some random others on which I can't play due to the invalid GUID message.
  8. Well seems like I can't use the PK3 cleaner: I'm just getting a folder with some files instead of a program when I unzip it. Do you know if it's really mac friendly ? Been testing the Enable / Reconnect but I still got the invalid GUID message
  9. yo guyz @Heaven: thanks man, I checked this link already, but I managed all this. About the .cfg edit, I've been looking for such a file in my ET folder, but didn't find that. Did you meant I should enter this in the console ? Plus not sure how to add you in Xfire as I don't know what it is @Gubbi: - enable + reconnect : yea I think I already tried this before, but I'll try again tonight to be sure. - PBSetup: That's what I told in my first post, been trying this too, but ET was not in the "add a game" menu I'm getting with the PBSetup, so I failed at this ... -Trying the PK3 cleaner right now, and hit you back about that Thanks again for ya help guyz, hope I can figure it out soon with ya help !
  10. hey guyz, Thanks for ya help. Yes I've been trying all this: getting a new etkey, putting it in etmain folder, no problem about it Most of the mods seems to work well, except a couple that I read won't work on a mac. My problem is that I can't play anymore as soon as I activate punkbuster because of that GUID invalid problem. I've been trying to play on some skilled and popular servers in the toplist regarding to the peeps that play in there. I'm running ET on a Mac Pro with OSX 10.6.8.
  11. hey guyz, I'm struggling hard since a few weeks to understand what kind of mess I'm in ... I played ET few years ago, and I would have been glad to play it again lately. But it seems like I can't anymore: I'm a mac user, I'm having the 'invalid guid' message when enabling punkbuster. I googled it and read the whole internet, tried any trick that was provided anywhere: - redid the etkey several time - reinstalled ET - activating punkbuster through the console with some random codes - updating PB manually (which failed, I did not found ET in the menus...) Things are always buggy, and I still have the "Invalid GUID bnblablablabla you should try again later' message. Fortunately, I've been lucky enough to find a quick solution, I can play on some servers by disabling Punkbuster but I loose my xp each time, which is a pain in the ass ... Could anyone please help ? thanks a bunch !!

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