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  1. I have a problem with ET legacy. every time I log on to connect to jay1 I can't get on. I mean it seizes up flashes some white stuff and I get kicked out. yes run as admin doesn't work. even restarting computer doesn't help. what in the hell is going on here? I can connect at times but it's annoying after several attemps. sometimes it's successful at times it's futile no matter how many times I try.
  2. Yes it's tomorrow I know but I think i'll be gone for the whole day and return later tomorrow. Have fun!! 1. Fried Turkey (2 turkeys) 2. Ham 3. Spinach Balls. 4. Apple Pie (Leon's favorite) 5. Crab and Lobster (I think) 6. Mash Potatoes (maybe) 7. Prime Rib (hoping) 8. Chocolate Rum Cake Before Leon pigs out tomorrow he has to work out and achieve 32,000 steps before the party starts lol sucks for me.
  3. If you don't mine watching a show that has subtitles and the language is Japanese and if you don't mine watch please watch the show Smoking. It's really a good show. great story great, acting. It's 12 episodes and worth watching. If you like watching people get flayed then you come to the right place!!!! after watching the 1st-3 episodes I got hooked and started watching like crazy. it is an amazing show and whoever wrote this or directed is pure genius. enjoy and watch on Netflix!!!!
  4. Go Leon it's your Birthday we're gonna party like it's your birthday!!!!! I'm 35 oh boy...... I will see you on ET tonight!!!!
  5. Give leon the panzer :D

    1. Neuro


      Sleepy told me not to so must obey

    2. Angry_Video_Game_Nerd


      12-7 neuro vs leon on panzer just got owned. 

    3. Neuro


      Glad someone kept track of who was WINNING! ;)  Tho you did win on the suicide map I think.

  6. Welcome to ET. Looking for a GF??? may I Recommend...... redbaird? I kid welcome and have fun!
  7. what's up tosti welcome to ET!!!!
  8. WB we missed you!!! hope to see you in Jay1
  9. where u been bro. and WB we missed ya
  10. welcome mastanos we missed you!!!!!! what u been up 2?
  11. welcome to ET. the best game in the world.
  12. welcome and have fun at ET. we're a bunch of friendly people.

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