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  1. Tournament Paintball!

    I used to go play often but only for fun. I never had an amazing gun, but I would love to start again. What kind of gun do you use now?
  2. Rugby

    I used to play in highschool for a few years. Played inside centre, great sport.
  3. Other Welcome our new leaders and co-leader

    Nice! Congrats to all.
  4. Favorite Anime

    Oh man Reaper, thank you for listing those shows. I was having troubles remembering one show I used to watch and it was, Vision of Escaflowne. I'm a sucker for Dragon Ball Z as well. I want to watch more so that means Bleach, One Piece, and Full Metal Achimist Brotherhood will be on my hit list!
  5. How do you take your coffee?

  6. Haha, she was busy. I'm taking out Handelina Jolie tonight
  7. Happy Valentine's all to the F|Amily. Going to be spending tonight at Niagara Falls, not by myself I swear.
  8. How did you get/make your gamer tag?

    The only name I've ever had was Kapone in any kind of video game. The spelling is not really an alteration of Al Capone, it was how my uncle spelt his dog's name. Yes, my name is after a dog, but a very powerful Doberman, rottweiler mixed breed dog. Anyways, I always thought it was cool and it stuck. Since the Rainbow Six Raven Shield days Kapone has been my alter ego.
  9. Proof, and thanks..

    That's great man, congrats!
  10. spilled coffee on keyboard :(

    Throw it in a big bowl with white rice, will soak up the liquid and dry it.
  11. Welcome to the forums bro! Nice intro, was glad to see we share similar musical interest. Crystal Castles is awesome!
  12. Pic of the Day 13.01.14

    cliffhanger bunny!
  13. Good bye ...!!!

    All the best, and good luck! See you in a bit.
  14. How's your first Monday of the new year?

    Not bad to be honest, slept well. We got a lot of snow also over night so the drive in wasn't the best. Went in late to work, but they didn't mind. It's been a relaxed morning so far. More so excited to go home and just chill out, play some league.
  15. League of Legends NA server pub/ranked

    I've been playing a lot recently, still not lvl 30 though yet so can't play ranked games just yet. But feel free to add me: kapone10