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  1. ye everytime he was online we had alot of fun last time i saw him was 17 jan. he was talking about me getting back into FA.. he was such a good person
  2. im sorry to hear this always a great person, always happy i miss him alot RIP
  3. anyone missed me? :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Reallity
    3. Jhonny/Shinobi


      . . . a wild naab appears ! :P

    4. (FORCE)


      Yeah, I miss seeing your post wussy, and I applaud you standing up for yourself! One of your last actions when you were with the clan. :)

  4. wussy


    Hello well im back and regret what ive done, i simply did my punishment and now im back to have some fun
  5. i has caesar salad, u jelly?

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    2. Corey


      salads are nasty :(

    3. Antichrist


      Salad? What are you, a rabbit? Go get some steak!


    4. !Something'


      wussy wtf have you done :o


  6. i hate belgium :o i wanne live somewhere else, any idea's?

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    2. Jopa


      Croatia wussy :)


    3. wussy


      i think im gonna live with Tipsy, he gonna make me sandwich

    4. !Something'


      ill come with you...

  7. ur out japan so seems normal for you?
  8. What is love....baby dont hurt me....

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    2. Kat0n
    3. b0rR*4cHo


      i'll protect you kat0n

    4. !Something'


      Wussy, if you could just stop using hax. that would be great



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