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  1. Happy Birthday =F|A= no matter that I have all the newest games for xbox1, I still come back to ET and =F|A= servers for the most fun and enjoyable community! long live =F|A=
  2. I feel sorry for Evolution, Genesis, Stryder, PeaceMan, and anybody else on Hardcore thats on the opposite team! :/ lol
  3. =F|A= Hardcore always has lots of players And will always be the BEST SERVER!!! Woooo!
  4. The foxbody I'm building mine to look like!
  5. Had a blast, I usually don't leave =F|A= Hardcore but it was a awesome time away from the normal ET experience. while I was on Soad & RedBaird did a great job with the commands and switching up game styles to keep it fun! Thanks!!! Do it more often!!
  6. Popeye's Cajun Chicken and some buttermilk biscuits, so good make you wanna slap YO momma!~
  7. Hey dude! I saw u applied also, nice! Welcome man!
  8. Corona with a lime Samuel Adams Highlands
  9. I just watched the new Dragon Ball Z return of F last night. I enjoyed it, brought back childhood memories. May have to buy the old 9 seasons!
  10. Thats so awesome! Im so jealous! Congrats!
  11. Evolve ID: streetoctane
  12. Octane

    Big Hot Dogs

    The girls in my town would love this......
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