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    Car Enthusiast, I run (streetoctane) on youtube & facebook.


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  1. website Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins

    Happy Birthday =F|A= no matter that I have all the newest games for xbox1, I still come back to ET and =F|A= servers for the most fun and enjoyable community! long live =F|A=
  2. who is your worst enemy on your favorite server?

    I feel sorry for Evolution, Genesis, Stryder, PeaceMan, and anybody else on Hardcore thats on the opposite team! :/ lol
  3. appologize...

    Halllo!!!!! V54!!!!!
  4. how popular is et still?

    =F|A= Hardcore always has lots of players And will always be the BEST SERVER!!! Woooo!
  5. What is your dream car?

    The foxbody I'm building mine to look like!
  6. news =F|A= Game Month

    Had a blast, I usually don't leave =F|A= Hardcore but it was a awesome time away from the normal ET experience. while I was on Soad & RedBaird did a great job with the commands and switching up game styles to keep it fun! Thanks!!! Do it more often!!
  7. fav place to Eat :D

    Popeye's Cajun Chicken and some buttermilk biscuits, so good make you wanna slap YO momma!~
  8. hello im BronzeRanger

    Hey dude! I saw u applied also, nice! Welcome man!
  9. back after a good rest

    Yo! WB!!!
  10. What is your favorite alcoholic drink ???

    Corona with a lime Samuel Adams Highlands
  11. What was the last movie you watched?

    I just watched the new Dragon Ball Z return of F last night. I enjoyed it, brought back childhood memories. May have to buy the old 9 seasons!
  12. Thats so awesome! Im so jealous! Congrats!
  13. news Xfire retirement and EvolveHQ welcome

    Evolve ID: streetoctane
  14. Evolve

    Evolve ID: streetoctane
  15. Big Hot Dogs

    The girls in my town would love this......