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  1. RIP RaY; ingame Explo!d

    Rest in peace Ray . We all miss you!
  2. HucKa

    Hey luppakorva,im also in finland! Welcome!
  3. hi let me introduce myself

    Hello! Welcome and have a nice time with us
  4. Hiiii :D

    Hi and have nice time with us
  5. Hey

    Welcome and have a nice time with us
  6. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    Okei guys i tell you something about myself I started playing in 2006 and I played only occasionally, and then in 2008 i went on and played a long time and I was ranked 2 Splatterlatter list if you know. I liked a break for a moment and again in 2011, I fell in love again to this great game. The only clan where I was a member, was Dr clan if anyone knows .. ps. i like to be a fielp ops ,ooops
  7. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    love you all and i will shoot you all with artyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    i will have fun ,i promise
  9. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    so many welcomes ,thank you all <3
  10. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    really mister
  11. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    wooh so many welcomes
  12. hey its Hitsfromthe here !

    now i finally register here ^^