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  1. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. =FIA=Velts


      wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap :D


    3. m00jii


      Not much, working and studying hard. Haven't seen you in ages. How you doing?

    4. =FIA=Velts


      same, long school days and working pfff, want to take a brake, but can't, yeah been inactive long time.


      But i got new laptop playing cod right now :D but i have problems with it :D my fps is over 150 and it drops to 13 an game will freez, and i die like always :D, and idk whats the problem, have changed settings low and used recommended system settings but nothing still have those fps drops, got little mad, and broke my wired mouse :D


  2. damn i'm just a f***ing idiot, i forgot it
  3. damn nice, finally i'll try to be there
  4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOpCL3ggpCQ&list=RDmOpCL3ggpCQ damn forgot how to add it correctly
  5. sad, i'm going second time there now, last year and this year going to be AWESOME
  6. On November 19th, a new adventure lies ahead at the GelreDome: Qlimax 2016! SPAMM SPAMM SPAMMERS EVERYWHERE Okey just asking anyone going to QLIMAX this year? www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xNkRgRH_Wc
  7. Hello, i have just one question as some ppl know that on 21.11.2015 is QLIMAX ( http://www.q-dance.com/global/en/events/qlimax2015/ ) Asking who is going there? Cuz i'm going and wondering who's going there 2
  8. WASAAAAAAAP WHY NObody on teamspeak

    1. audrey


      Coz jaie's there

  9. damn still waiting for my payday to donate, soon soon
  10. I liked everything what we did on gaiming weekand , it makes playing more fun , not just run around and kill,
  11. Wow , it hard to belive u forgot me, very sad. It has been long long time when we had so much fun on ABNER, that GAMING WEEKEND is very good IDEA, we should have more that kind of days + i haven't seen so much players on ABNER like long long time ago, till today. KEEP IT UP, i like it TS name: Manly.V don't forget it Velts
  12. So far i haven't got any kind of virus what should mess up my job on my laptop, if i scan it find sometimes some kind of virus what are dangerous to my laptop and i block and delete them with avast Long time ago my friend had virus , he didn't got it out, only way was to reinstall windows but one thing what little program mean what shows internet traffic

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