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  1. kitty <33 :> hello spammy babe nice to see you here and enjoy your stay with us greetz Goddy :>
  2. Hey welcome here my friend. I knew you from somewhere but i dont know from :/ how long have you playing ET? greetz
  3. oh no g@y pope is here again xD welcome back bro, good to see you any news about my job for me? xD
  4. onoz Choppie :/ hehe jow bro wb, come to nq1 to get banged xD
  5. hey welcome to the forums no many of flirters will annoy you on NQ1 after your introduction to get your number or sth xD anyway welcome to the forums and gl!
  6. i know but its still not the same as a challenge to kill real players...
  7. Happy Birthday Friend, hope you have a great B-day and God Bless. :)

  8. Happy Birthday cTRL-G0DL!K3**!

  9. OMG im so old lol 21 daaaaamn :D


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