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  1. Hello F|A members and friends

    hey Stefan, welcome to the forum.
  2. Hey guys

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  3. My Old ET movie .... XD

    I always see the video of Wiesiek before playing . Nice Video.
  4. Hellow :)

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  5. hello friends!

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  6. Pic of the Day 08.12.12

  7. Hel l o Guys ^^

    Hey *H#LL!! Welcome to the forums!
  8. The King say Helloo :D :D :D

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  9. Cheese100 says "hello"

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  11. Hello Everyone. (:

    Hello = F | A =, are a fun and serious CLAN, I like their servers, there is much competition for players, I'm a player Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, well I will talk a little about me. My name is Alfredo, I have 24 years old, I live in mexico, I am a university student, I like parties, Girls, football, books, games first person, Girls, Girls, tequila, whiskey, girls and sport (football ). I have to have fun to the fullest. LOL. My name in game is: Terry '. I am a mature player, fun and good teammate. I'm always on the server of F | A Silent Recruting XPS, sometimes F | A Hardcore XPS, these are my favorite servers. Well this is it. Thanks for inviting me to your forum. Kisses to all ... (: See you later.