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  1. Good innovation by another Indian But these can be used on other applications like- in cars when they are locked. Helps vandals to stay away by delivering them a mild shock if they try to sabotage
  2. Man

    is my lag due to network problem ?

    Rajaah Anna, again I am here I too have got similar situation. We both are sailing on same boat. I too get 20 FPS, and lagometer reading of 5 but i still played with that itself for long time. Possible reasons :- 1) Internet problem :- India is far away from the server location. As well as, in India we dont get steady network and proper signals (if you are using wireless dongle). Also, please check FPS settings. Do com_maxfps 50 in console, /rate 45000, /cl_maxpackets 100 2) operating system problem:- Our operating system always tries to do automatic updates, anti-virus also does it. Disable automatic updates on all applications and shut down all applications when you start ET game. (except anti-virus for security purpose) Optimize your internet connection. do it by enabling your device's software to access 3G signals, disable proxy settings ( If you use wireless dongle) also, it is better to do a new installation of ET by keeping your etkey, punkbuster, and maps (dont keep complete etmain folder) 3) Harware problem:- I dont think 1.6 GHZ core2duo cant handle a 2003 release game. definitely not a hardware problem. But you can optimize your hardware by installing latest drivers for display, processor cooling. Uninstall all unwanted applications. These are the best possible solutions. Try them number-wise. If problem persists even further, I am right here
  3. Man

    Pic of the Day 18.01.13

    third is best
  4. Man

    Where shall we go to eat?

    i say go for my dung or pee and poo restaurant
  5. Man

    Pic of the Day 17.01.13

    THIRD!!! :D very brave little girl
  6. Man

    Taiwan confiscates 435 dog penises

    TRULY horrible crime poor dogs.... maybe police should cut that man's p3nis too then may be he will understand better.
  7. Man


    make bhurji by pouring eggs in in a semicircular container and stirring the eggs while also simultaneously giving full heat. Later when it cools down, break it using hand to form small pieces.
  8. Very good ! mind blowing slowly and steadily these robots may be used as - traffic police, on kiosk desk in railway/bus stations, and in many more utility places.
  9. Man

    need help in buying new laptop

    Rajaah Anna I am right here \I would STRONGLY suggest flipkart, online megastore. [without your father knowing it? ], but if its not possible, then let me say, :- for India, Sony VAIO series are the best, followed by Dell. But dell service centres are less when compared to sony . Next comes Acer = cheap and best. if it is for your father/uncle ONLY then a moderate featured laptop would be enough. Laptops of core 2 duo/ i3 processor, 3 GB ram, 500 GB HDD, and battery back up of 4 hrs approx. 16 inch screen, 2 -3 years warranty, among other things. You would get all these features in 30K INR. brand = ACER ! and nowadays acer is quite popular in India. buy the models which suit you. BUT ONLY FROM authorized showrooms. buy a piece that is SEALED. But buying at showroom will cost you 15 to 20 percent more than buying online. And ET can be run by any PC manufactured from over 2010 Any more information, I am right here
  10. Man

    World News for 15/01/13

    For me , news #2 is very interesting lolz very good :D damn happy
  11. Man

    Pic of the Day 15.01.13

    all three are good
  12. US army commandos would have done the job without any hitch. but Somalia and Al-Shabab are lawless and ruthless
  13. Man

    World News for 14/01/13

    0.o A man with man or a woman with woman is not by the way of nature and in NOT good for child they adopt. Try to understand intimate issues. Official gay marriages should never take place and gay couple should should never be allowed to adopt children.
  14. Man


    YES ! I am damn interested in paintball. But unfortunately I live in India, where paintball marker is not available