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  1. Kepar


  2. This is really nice to fresh it up a bit. Mobile site is much much better and easier to navigate. Thank you!
  3. Looks like I might go off internet for good judging by todays FCC decision, oops i just a wrote a post that costs 0.99$ lol

    1. RedBaird


      Oh, it won't be that bad, but it reminds me of CompuServer's pre-Interent "CB Chat" chatrooms. We could see that a Japanese person was reading but never typing. The reason was because receiving characters was free, but sending a char cost a penny or 2. @ .01/char, your message would have cost you $1.11 :)

    2. Kepar


      Yeah probably won't be that bad because that would be end of the internet probably lol they're gonna get lawsuits from everywhere .

      Thankfully technology came a long way from CB chats heheh

  4. Otvori ET konzolu(pritisni ~) Upisi: /seta cl_maxpackets 30 (pritisni Enter) Drago mi je da ste igraci ET-a
  5. Hmmm to invest in bitcoin or not, it's sky rocketing this month

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    2. Patrick


      I can tell you only this: never invest in economic bubble with no intrinsic value.

    3. Dest!Ny


      you shouldnt invest because thats what everyone would do, once the bubble bursts and the bears get distinguished from the bulls it is the best time to invest imo

    4. RedBaird


      @ Platonic, create a website to give advice on Bitcoin speculation and say, "buy, buy buy!", while you earn money from the site. When the boom crashes, use that money to buy Bitcoins and wait for the next boom.

  6. Vecinom svi kazu Riječani, cuo sam od nekih Kvarnerci ali vecinom Rijecani.
  7. This was 3 years ago. Please don't post on such old topics just to get your post count up.
  8. I have no idea what does that mean but im guessing its "Slavili na korzu". Korzo-promenade on english I believe. Its like main part of the city, walkway. It usually refers to Rijecki korzo because I think other cities dont use that term but, korzo is a general term for all main walkways.
  9. Does anyone have ESEA code? PM me if you have one, would like to give it a try before I subscribe

    1. RedBaird


      OIC, you mean a "Guest Pass Code?" Interesting.

    2. Kepar


      Yeah lol, my bad

  10. Im guessing emmezeta and other furniture stores maybe even Ikea but not sure for them.
  11. Yes it would, for example: "Pogledaj ovu foru"-"Look at this trick"
  12. http://9gag.com/gag/abZQyEb/every-girl-s-reaction-when-i-tell-them-i-volunteer-in-animal-rescue heheh, but jokes a side that's really nice. Well my passion used to be riding bikes especially downhill but some of my friends stopped so I stopped. My bike now needs a fix and that means money. I do miss dirt and woods though.
  13. Exactly this, it will be more damage for rest of the world than for USA. To put it shorter he is new Hitler

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