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  1. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Videos posted resized to smaller size compare to full screen. Changes applied going forward.
  2. COD4 Server Where is everybody?

    Working on it bud
  3. =F|A= US ETPRO Server

    Forgot to mention added those maps. Can u please add the first 2 maps in our download section so that in future if 3rd party websites are done, someone else can use our website and download those? Thanks for the help.
  4. Welcome our new staff member @Spyderwebber for COD4 team. We have slowly started working on our COD4 servers and with everyone's help, we are going to make it popular again like they where back in the old days. If anyone is experience with COD4 modding, drop me a message and we can figure something out for one of our servers. Thank you
  5. Looks like for once, I need to create one big tutorial - How to fix your wifi, check your network issue and what to provide so that it's much easier to help.

  6. Windows 999 specifically in Jaymod servers

    Run winMTR and Ping plotter both together. Post here. When it happens take lagomter screenshot as well.
  7. Ping problems

    Do they have same rate on next visit? I will check for that. I would suggest making a bind to help those players.
  8. We need to add that in our sound pack lol
  9. Ping problems

    seta is bad way to set the variables. I always suggest players to use set instead. If you set above variables through ingame, it will not be changed until next game restart. Try to set both variables in command line and see what happens You will not be able to connect to server or even see server list.
  10. I think I'm not the only one who has this problem

    4000 rate or 15 maxpackets shouldn't happen often. If they connect through in game menu, it should fix that up on next visit.
  11. improvements in the connection

    Ping and tracert will not help to find underlying issue. If wifi interference is an issue or range is an issue - Then get wifi extender and change the channel. Download wifi analyzer tool to see surrounding channels in your neighborhood.
  12. I can't join other server F A

    Run pk3 cleaner and give it a shot.
  13. Ping problems

    Some wrong information - 1. Windows update shouldn't cause issues in ET. Let's keep it as is please. Security first. 2. TCoptimizer holds no importance in UDP based game. ET uses UDP protocol. No need for any TCP optimizer. It does nothing. @Lucifer21 - What you can do reboot router and mode. Then play when directly connection from modem. If that helps and works good for you - then play from wired connection. If that works then router is good and look into your wifi settings and see if their is any interference. Also post your PC specs.
  14. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    No correct format. Please provide - Which map to add and which to remove. Ex - Remove: battery Add: original fueldump Reason - I/We like white snow much more then regular colors.
  15. Ping problems

    do u download while playing? u worst ping is crazy crazy high