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  1. I think I need to deploy some stats for maps to record win or loose. Then it would be easy for me to calculate % winning of each maps. Then we can easily maps and other map related settings to balance it out. I will see what can be done.
  2. I am on discord for next 15 mins. Pls ping me if u are on. I would be off on this weekend. We can do teamview and fix it for you.
  3. Placebo. Both are server cvars and wouldn't do anything good for client.
  4. TE one is always on server. What I am missing? That map hasn't been removed since 2013. Can u pls confirm? Are you talking about another version?
  5. OR Just winMTR and paste the text here
  6. We don't need PB - so u can remove PB services and PB folder all together. For lag - please provide winMTR
  7. daredevil

    Lagging Badly

    After a long time, I have seen good report on lag. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. I will follow up with our host gameservers.com on that. They have been POS lately.
  8. Welcome to our forums. Used to play on RC NQ back in the days. Me and my roomie used to have fun.
  9. Done. Will add some new maps later. Fueldump crashes on NQ 1.2.3. Will add fueldump once i update server to NQ 1.2.9 B6 - this weekend.
  10. Tried to fix the missing waypoint - from the upgrade. Let me know if issue happens again.
  11. Old forum to new forum - Paypal API has changed. Sadly old forum Store API was really mess. Yes even though it's paid software, API was mess. I have re-issued the invoice and mark it as paid - manually. Sorry for the delay.
  12. Applied the fix. Please let me know how it works out. I also updated omni version while I was at it. Also applied the fix from jay2 so omnis will not use panzer anymore. Please let me know if any issues. If i forget to follow up on this topic, please PM spam me on discord.

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