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  1. Yo!

    1. Loki


      You rang?

  2. Crazy amount of office work! Now since event related stuff is done which is tomorrow, time to work on NQ #1, #2 and sniper server. I appreciate all the help whoever is helping! 

    1. Blu2300


      Have already done some suggestions for NQ2 some months ago, might check them out, maps, addons and other stuff proposed, I have seen a rise in the population there recently at some times.


      If some help is required anywhere else, count on me man!

  3. Yo, i hope all good with u bud! 

  4. Yo, how's the family? 

    1. SiD


      Sup man! Family is good! I forgot, I owe you guys some pics! I'm gonna make a post in a little bit. Does using the @ tag in a post notify users on these newfangled forums? Either way, I'll let ya know when it's made. Hope all is well with you and yours!

  5. Thank you for sharing your maps!

  6. Thank you for sharing your maps!

  7. Get u butt back!! 

    1. ancientmule


      I just saw this msg! 
      Hello there! Someday I will return, but not yet!! too much stuff going around in work and in personal life! 
      Hope you are doing well with your family aswell!!


      Take care! :)

  8. I hope you are safe bud and doing well!

  9. Welcome to our site!

    1. Hulk


      Hey we had some fun on jay 1.. Wow that rhymed, welcome to the forums.:hi

  10. Welcome back dude!!!! Bring the nogood back!

    1. Hulk


      I have seen nogood in nq2 few times :) Wb!

  11. Come back! 

  12. Going to meet my buddy @Shanafrom Europe with @epicofail! Looking forward to it! 2nd US meet. 🥃

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    2. daredevil


      Sorry no pics, taken. I don’t think, I will share mine again and I don’t think shana wanted to take one either. Just not into selfies lol 😂 

    3. Shana


      Men don't do selfies 😏

      It was plenty fun, thanks @daredevil!

    4. epicofail


      Lets do it up this friday :)

  13. Share the pics of new place if you would like too!

  14. Merry Xmas dude! 

  15. Welcome back buddy! I hope all is good at your end! 

    1. Hecken


      Hey DD, thanks! You too. 😉

    2. daredevil


      You need to fix your telegram so i can add u back to our love group :D 

    3. Hecken


      I think my previous account got deleted because of inactivity lol, I'll check that out later.

  16. How about u get u ass back sometime soon? 

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    2. JoeDirt


      How about you pay for all my bills. Deal?

    3. daredevil


      Bills are nothing.. i would had given even life for u, even though no re spawn :P.. Ok, send me over list, I will try my best but we have the deal! Good to see ya! @RainierWolfcastle we should do conference call! :D 

    4. RainierWolfcastle
  17. I hope my mule is doing good!!

    1. ancientmule


      Yeah! Doing well!
      Too much in real life, but still from time to time I come here and lurk for a bit! :)
      How are you doing? Family? Life? Hope the best for you and your family and also for this FA-mily!

      Cuidate dare! :)

  18. Welcome ET3 to our website!  Feel free to PM staff for any help you need.

  19. Welcome ds I Brainbucket to our website!  Feel free to PM staff for any help you need.

  20. What's your discord ID so i can PM u? 

    1. Luki


      Sorry I don't have it, my english accent... ;) 

    2. daredevil


      oops can u pls have Discord if possible so we can do live chat? need to figure out what's causing the issue. 

    3. Luki


      Done, but I don't know how can I help you.

  21. First US get together, done! Me and @epicofail had few beers yesterday evening! It was fun. Anyone interested for meet, feel free to let us know! More people should be fun!  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vindstot


      Nice to hear you guys had fun together ^^

    3. Professor Tony

      Professor Tony

      I would love to! Looks like I need to start looking into a trip that way next year. :D

    4. epicofail


      It was about time especially knowing how close we live, lol. DD is a pretty genuine guy IRL as he is online :). Good times were had! Next meet up, more people lets go!

  22. Yo! Where is your application to join us? 

  23. How's the baby doing bud? Hit me up when you get free!

    1. Hulk


      I am curious to hear about this as well!! Hope you guys are doing good.😎

    2. JohnnyColorado


      She was born with what appears to be nerve damage to her eye.  She can still see, but it's most likely blurry since the eye can't dilate and the minor cataracts as well.  Only time will tell if she can outgrow anything.  Other than that, we are all good :)  

    3. JohnnyColorado


      We have another eye doc appointment in 2 days :)  We will know if surgery is a viable option so my baby can see better from her eye.  She has a hard time with depth perception right now, grabbing things, etc.  And we are told it will mess with her ability to walk (something we as adults take for granted) and balance.  So I am hopeful for the appointment.  And the good thing is that the doc we are going to is a specialist and pushed our appt back a day because he is doing eye surgery on a 1yr old in our place.  Which makes me even more proud he is her doctor.  Thank you all for your concern, thoughts, and prayers.  I love and miss you all :)  

  24. Tonight's goal once, i come home! - New game server, fix quiz and fix 24 x 7 panzer war server :)

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    2. CheepHeep


      So scarface hasn't killed you yet it seems.

    3. Professor Tony

      Professor Tony

      He did add the comment to his signature though

    4. daredevil


      Nop.. he told me - "Every day above ground is a good day." so I changed my priorities! :)

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