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  1. Special thanks to everyone!! Be it regular, complainer or members and special thanks to those who have put every effort to keep servers alive and running. I could name if it's few but it's massive big list in the span of 12 years! Thank you to those who helped in past, who are helping now and who will continue to help in future! Thank you for being part of family and making everyone feel part of family! @ET Trial @ET Member @DOI Trial @DOI Member @Insurgency Trial @Insurgency Member @COD Trial @COD Member @Senior Member @Recruiting Team @Staff @Co-Leader @Leader @Found
    62 points
  2. Happy New Year! I want to thank everyone in F|A for their contributions to helping our clan provide a fun and playful atmosphere. Thank you Players, Guests, and VIPs for visiting our servers and contributing to our community forums! Thank you Members for joining us to help to make F|A very popular! Thank you Recruiting Team and Staff for your dedication and enthusiasm to our members and forums! Thank you Co-Leaders / Leaders for your amazing commitment and resoluteness in helping our clan move towards the future! Thank you fellow Founders for I cannot believe h
    61 points
  3. It was my best friend’s wedding! This is me with my other half
    51 points
  4. Hello everyone, I am here today to announce the end of the original Oasis. However, this is not a day of mourning but a start of a new beginning, for a new Oasis has been birthed by the infamous @Smileyyy! After the many sleepless nights from the everlasting nightmares I have endured after being forced to play the dreaded Oasis that has plagued this Earth for the past two decades, I have set upon a journey to finally end the suffering so many of us have had to experience throughout our lives. NO MORE I SAY! This new map sparks the dawn of a new golden age! N
    49 points
  5. Allow me to introduce you all to our new insurgency/ET additions to our Recruiting/management team New co leader @Carbonautics New staff @major stalvern(hmm @dont work for his name) https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/23579-major-stalvern/ @Major Stalvern we fixed it, somehow, says RedBaird New recruiter @ViP3r* thank you guys for all your hard work and being the longest guys here holding our insurgency/doi side together thanks for being on servers and discord daily and helping were needed big ty to carbonautics without him
    47 points
  6. My graduation, six months ago...
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  7. Hello fraggers and team players, We are getting some DDoS recently and hence the slowness on website and sometime server goes off. I don't think, I need to explain the reason for it. To make it short, either annihil cheater group is pissed is because we are banning them or some clan is pissed and want to make their server popular by DDoS'ing ours. We appreciate all the support and help from the members and regulars during this time. Thank you.
    45 points
  8. Let us congratulate and welcome the following people to the management team all 3 have have been great over the last year some working hard in the background and others on our servers or in some cases both i know we dont tell you enough or often but we do sincerely appreciate all you do thank you and congrats well deserved NEW CO LEADERS @K3rmit (b2) @Letdown(jay2) NEW STAFF @rambozo37 congrats again levels and groups are set
    44 points
  9. please let us welcome our new additions to our management team promoted to staff @Fighter and @Barn!e promoted to co leader @rambozo37 and @Professor Tony all these fine gentlemen have done such a great job for us over the years and they do so many jobs behind the seen that nobody see that helps keep the clan running smoothly on a daily basis also they are all willing to help were needed weather it be working with new members doing map rotations or just helping with everyday things that need done there all a big help looking forward to working with you al
    43 points
  10. 43 points
  11. Dear ETPlayers, regulars and members The Fearless-Assassins community is proud to present you our new =F|A= |CLASSIC OLD MAPS| SERVER FF off No Adrenaline No double jump Original weapons Classic maps JOIN THE FUN! /connect classic.clan-fa.com:27960 or /connect Enjoy Original 6 + 4 classics Original 6: Battery Railgun Oasis Goldrush Radar Fueldump Extra 4: Frostbite Special Delivery_TE
    40 points
  12. Me and my youngest son. Too damn hot outside
    39 points
  13. 3 years married today. Im the guy on the right. Yay.
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  17. I want congratz our new Recruiting team member. @rambozo37 Congratulations. Well earned promo. Always willingness to help. Always making clan better to other players and members. Just remember that don't do too much or you burn yourself and lose love to admin work. Balance with fun, gaming, clan duties and reallife is important to remember and retain. Once again Welcome and Congratulations. Only @daredevil can fix your group at site. He will fix it once he is able to. In mean time you can ask lvl 17 in servers. I updated lvl 17 to your profile.
    36 points
  18. Me and my cousins from yesterday!! I'm the guy in the white shirt
    36 points
  19. Me and my better beauty half Hey all
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  20. I want to congratulate our newest staff member: @Nancy formerly known as Patrick Our multilingual long time member has shown us great growth and determination to make this community better. From helping keep our application section clean, guide the applicants and pm them to see if they are still around to being active on gamedays hosting for hours at a time and making sure there is a fun atmosphere. Always happy to help and guide others. His ability to take feedback and improve himself is a nice strength of his as well. Keep following our tips and management will always be here to g
    34 points
  21. Dear fellow clan members, friends and regulars, on behalf of all the Fearless Assassins, I would like to invite you to celebrate the end of this year holidays with us in our HOLIDAYS GAMEDAY Holidays are such a great opportunity to focus on bringing the F|Amily and friends together 2 games, 2 days, lots of fun! ENEMY TERRITORY DATE: December 19th TIME: STARTS AT 12PM - ENDS AT 12AM GMT+0 SERVER: =F|A= NOQ #1 XPSAVE IP: NQ1.CLAN-FA.COM:27960 ------------------------------------------
    34 points
  22. Just done filming in north Saskatchewan . I will be back on the servers pretty soon
    34 points
  23. Been awhile since I uploaded a pic. At a friends wedding before covid.
    34 points
  24. Dear fellow clan members, friends and regulars On behalf of all the Fearless Assassins we invite you to join us for a weekend to celebrate this Halloween. A whisper from witches, ghosts and cemeteries. Come trick of threat with us in a war party and enjoy a good time because it is Halloween Gameday! We'll be hosting 2 games and a Discord party on the weekend of October 31st - November 1st ENEMY TERRITORY DATE: SATURDAY OCTOBER 31ST TIME: STARTS AT 12PM - ENDS AT 12AM GMT+0 SERVER: =F|A= NOQ #1 XPSAVE
    33 points
  25. Hello there, After having a rather interesting discussion with a user on #J1 yesterday and after seeing many people argue in good faith about team balance using completely invalid arguments, I'd like to chip in and bring my 2 cents in the hope to have a fruitful conversation and to change some misconceptions about fair teams and unbalanced matches. 1. Far too often, I see people looking at the number of people in a team and call for additional people in the underfilled team so that the number of players in each team is even. While in many cases, such calls are entirely justifi
    32 points
  26. Lets congrats our new recruiting team member @Barn!e Congrats! Well earned promo. Taking care of jay2 and jay3 maps, Solid admin overall, helps new guys, having him around is just a big + for the clan. Thank you for all your work and dedication Only @daredevil can set your group/profile on website
    32 points
  27. Pics from the camping/backpacking trip to Michigan's UP to see some fall foilage
    32 points
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