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    like a ballerina
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    in dancing fashion
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    complexes in movement
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    with incredible imagination
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    Every year, at this point in time, we all find multicoloured eggs mysteriously stashed everywhere we look. This isn't the Easter Bunny getting ready for his own holiday...he's setting the groundwork for the battlefield to come! On behalf of all the Fearless Assassins, you are cordially invited to participate in this year's =F|A= Easter Gameday 2019! Make sure to get some frags with Easter eggs! =F|A= Easter Gameday! ENEMY TERRITORY Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday 20th April Server Name: =F|A= NoQ #1 Server IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord CALL OF DUTY 4 : MODERN WARFARE Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday 20th April Server Name: =F|A= Beginners 24/7 Server IP: cod4.clan-fa.com:28930 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord DAY OF INFAMY Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Saturday 20th April Server Name: =F|A= Recruiting CooP #3 Server IP: doi3.clan-fa.com:27034 Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord INSURGENCY Time: 11AM to Midnight GMT+0 Date: Friday 19th April Server Name: =F|A= #4 COOP 35 ANGRY BOTS (Medic) Server Server IP: Discord server IP: https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord
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    He just tied himself to a tree and posed. #allforshow #goingtogymjustforselfies. JK idk, id like to know too
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    First picture with your son?! That must have been an EGGciting moment for you ... guess i'll see myself out...
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    Obviously, you never saw me back in the day, bro, lolz
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    hunting a wabbit
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    juggling Easter eggs
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    dancing like ballerina
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    understand this topic
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    with three words
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    of turning confusion
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    cute little hamsters
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