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Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and your family!  - Fearless Assassins Team!


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    Heyas, Yesterday I was fondly remembering the good old days of playing ET, and somehow I found myself here. Thank you to this whole community for keeping such a wonderful game alive :) I used to play RtCW (way too much) mostly on Happy Penguin, then ET (way too much) mostly on Whosgaming. Around 2010 I moved on to newer, shinier games (and MMOs, *shudder*) but nothing really tickled that competitive teamplay itch like ET did. Once upon a time I was a fair shot, but it's gonna take some time to knock off all the rust.... It amazed me to see a few names online that I recognized, still playing after all this time!
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    Big milestone for the COD server this past week. We’ve now climbed to #16 in server rankings. That means we’ve climbed another 300+ ranks in the past two months. Thanks for all the hard work COD team!
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    Since there might be some players (like me) that would like to play on two different ETLegacy versions, I decided to make a quick tutorial on this. In this example I'm going to be using 2.75 and 2.76 versions of ETL but you can do that with any versions you like. The reasons for using 2 or more version might be various, in this case I just want to enjoy playing on FA servers with 2.75 and use 2.76 for testing/gfx/scrims etc. This tutorial is for Windows. 1. If you haven't any ETL installs on your hdd, you can download all available versions here: https://www.etlegacy.com/download/release/list 2. If you have any ETL installed, you can keep it. Just make sure you know version it is - open the game, check console in bottom right menu. /let's say we already updated to 2.76 so we have this version installed right now, find out where it is, default location on Windows 64bit is C:\Program Files (x86)\Enemy Territory - Legacy (or just uninstall ETL and install 2.76 first) 3. Download a second version you want to use and install it to a different folder (you can name folders after ETL versions for example). Don't run the game! /let's say we installed 2.75 version in C:\ETLegacy 2.75 4. Create a folder in %userprofile%\Documents, choose a name without spaces in it. Don't delete/rename ETLegacy folder that's already there! /let's say we created a folder in Documents called ETLegacy_2.75. ETLegacy folder will be used by 2.76 and ETLegacy_2.75 folder will be used by 2.75. We still talk about that Documents folder! *** Don't mislead Documents/ETLegacy with Program Files/ETLegacy! They are different folders and each of them has it's own purpose. *** 5. You can swap the files between those 2 ETLegacy folders in Documents. Remember when you put some files containing ~~~ or ASCII characters in the ETLegacy folder, they will be deleted. You might need to create new profiles after doing that stuff, so make sure you know when your config files are stored so you can load them when you need to. Why don't we rename ETLegacy folder to 'ETLegacy_2.76'? Well, that is doable but would require to change some more settings so we can skip this step. 6. ETL 2.76 is done. As you see, we actually did nothing about it, it was already installed and configured by default. 7. If you want to use 2.75 version you need to actually do something. Go to C:\ETLegacy 2.75, create a shortcut of etl.exe (name it 'Launch ETLegacy 2.75' if you want). Right click on that shortcut > Properties > Shortcut tab. Edit the "Target" area (first box from top) following this example: "C:\ET Legacy 2.75\etl.exe" +fs_homepath C:\Users\yourprofilename\Documents\ETLegacy_2.75 Save and close. Remember to play the game from that shortcut! Otherwise your files might get screwed up heh. 8. You're done! It's very simple to do, basically you just use ETL 'fs_homepath' parameter to decide where custom files and configs are stored. Good luck and I hope you enjoy new versions of ETLegacy.
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    @D..X That red looks great on you :))
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    Being forced to sing at a personnel party, not cool at all
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    A few map ideas for Jay 2 you asked for today: MLB Daybreak 2hide Hydro Dam Saberpeak
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    We don't enforce m_pitch on any servers. If any servers are forcing - please don't join those servers. Their are crazy admins who force every crazy things. We try to strike balance between generalized usability vs glitching/abuse of configs to gain advantage.
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    Hello, Can you please share your lagometer and what settings you use? ex your config.
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    Install ET outside Program Files folder?
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    But it does already? All mods have at least !mute apparently (idk why !kick was removed from Jaymod and silEnT) I fully agree... 10 lvl is supposed to be for fairly trusted players, as Cheep said
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    This issue has been resolved as of a year and 2 months ago. For anyone else having this issue or those who'd like to give advice, please create a new topic instead of necroposting. /locked
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    Happy new year !!, the best wished in this 2019! Waiting the year in the coast
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    It crash while on server? Try on Silent or Hardcore as boom said type in console /connect silent1.clan-fa.com or /connect hc.clan-fa.com for silent guid remember type /sil_guid in console and for etguid /cl_guid as well .... You can also can know your guid in silent by doing !myguid command able to every player than enters the server. (It does give you the silent guid not the etguid) Edit: corrected the !myguid explanation i was wrong about that i already checkd
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    a good AV will screen files and sites as well.
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    meh. depends on your level of experience/expertise/comfortableness with computers. I will absolutely always put an antivirus on some old couple's computer. I won't ever install one on my own
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    I'd love to try this! I'll be on vacay for this weekend though, maybe when i get home!!
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    this is just part of et...
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