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    @daredevil sadly, the Donation is not updated on my profile since August (10 USD). VIP still activated.
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    Went over the Jay2 rotation with @Unknown last night and updated it just now. I changed out a couple maps last week but I forgot to make a post cause I had a lot of stuff happening and I was pretty ill . So last week I added Decay b5 with MikeSlayer's suggestion and Necrology Final cause I think it did pretty well last time it was on Jay2. Anyway here's the new rotation: supplydepot2, 0, 64, battery, 0, 40, bremen_final, 0, 42, adlernest, 0, 36, sw_goldrush_te, 0, 40, praetoria_m2, 0, 64, italyfp2, 0, 52, v2base_te, 0, 40, et_beach, 0, 52, frostbite, 0, 36, ga_el_kef, 0, 40, warbell, 0, 52, castellum_final, 0, 40, school, 0, 36, raid_final, 0, 32, lighthouse2, 0, 40, baserace, 0, 40, decay_b5, 0, 52, axislab_final, 0, 30, caen2, 0, 40, necrology_final, 0, 52, rochelle_b2, 0, 44, theriver2redux, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, low_airstrip2, 0, 40, OUT: Stargate 1945 - It's far too difficult for Allies with the current settings, it may return at some point once I figure out good spawn times to balance it properly. 1944 Beach - Bit too easy for Allies to win, maybe the timelimit needs reducing. Townsquare Final - It's at -4 right now. Industry 2 - At -1. SOS Secret Weapon - Pretty divisive map, 18 up but 15 down. Best to get rid of it. IN: Battery Lighthouse 2 The River 2 Redux Castellum Final V2 Base TE From now on I'll only be adding/swapping at most 2 maps a week since we have a nice steady rotation now. More Halloween themed maps will follow and then they'll be gradually removed after Halloween passes. As always, I'm thankful for suggestions so feel free to leave some here .
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    I've been out all day so I've not been able to reply to your points yet Hipkat. I partly agree with this, 51 players is a bit hectic. I've found the easiest fix is to just play on a different server. For Jay1, I only play on a team early morning my time when there's around 30 players. Any other time I go play on Jay2 or Silent1. Doing objective on Jay1 will still be difficult with 20 players a side. Maybe a good compromise would be to start adding more CTF maps or other maps where both sides attack. Jay2's starting to build up a bigger player base now. Daredevil changed the redirect back to Jay2 either yesterday or the day before and right away we got up to 17v16 players. Here's a couple screenshots I took: Granted, this was on the weekend but it's still progress. You mentioned somewhere else that people aren't willing to give Jay2 a try because they don't want to play against bots. These were taken around 6pm UK time on Sunday when Jay1 was full. Tell them to give it a try around then and see what they think to it. We can't build a server's population without other people. Players attract players. I don't think this is true. Chariot came on last night and a bunch of people went spec cause they didn't know the map. So, there's gonna be less new or 'not so well known' maps on the server now that there's a bigger player base. I'll still try to add the maps that people are asking me for but unfortunately, I'll have to be more selective about it in the future. As for people saying that Jay1 has a 'small map cycle', it currently has 35 maps in rotation. Jay2 has 26. Not sure what they're talking about . If you want to suggest maps for Jay1, here's the place: Tell people to ask for new maps in there or ask for them on their behalf if they're not willing to make a forum account.
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    Wife and I going to 3 next year. Have a nice trip, bro... Respect, patience and fun. Friendly, Osie
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    On a serious note and all joking aside, we are grateful for the personal ET experiences and input from everyone in this thread. It shows the what some have found to work and what doesn't. And yes, a bit of humor never hurt anyone to keep it light. Kudos to Mike for making me almost fall of my chair. HipKat may have actually learned a thing or two. I know I did, and I look forward to more FKN DISCUSSIONS. Bourbon? Really?
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    He has level 1 on beg2 atm. I can set him up with level 2 so he can help out a bit more.
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    My name is Anders an i am from Denmark. I am a lumberjack so i work with tree removal and gardening. In my spare time i do OCR and like to spend time outdoor. have been playing ET for a long, so now i thought it was time to join. Any questions just ask, i am pretty chill guy Looking forward to spending more time in here and help out where its needed.
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    happy Canadian thanksgiving
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    today it's Children of Bodom day. Aaaaand my favourite
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    Jay 1 was full yesterday soo i played on jay 2 . It was pretty crowded and fun
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    This may lead to overpowered strats that are only possible in no FF mode, for example you could arty a tank barrier in order for your team to plant the dynamite harmless, and wiping out the other team in the process, with only a minor sacrifice of one person. This is possible with any kind of explosive, used in an area denial role, applies also for the flamethrower. If you have played Rainbow Six Siege, imagine using Fuze to wipe out a room full of enemies while your team rushes in, so they can't escape while your teammates don't take any damage, only claiming your own life. I don't think it is a good idea to implement this kind of stuff, as it can be exploited to one's favor. However, on the funny side, it should be hilarious to see people suddenly gibbing due to explosive damage being reflected to them from far away.
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    Any sort of Nickname?: My username, Karderoth, or just "Zee-Zo" vocally. (Used to be CookiEMonster from clan Evil, long ago..) Age: O L D A S F * * * What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: returning member from clan evil / shout out on Discord by hellreturn brought me back here. Cat or Dog?: Both. Except stupid ones.. or small dogs. What are your hobbies?: Gaming, Drawing, Guitar.. creating things. Destroying things. What kind of Sports do you like?: I don't. What's your favorite color?: This is contextually subjective. I don't believe in a favorite color. I believe our anatomy predisposes us towards liking certain colors that work well together in any given context. How about your favorite type of music?: I don't have a favorite, I don't like a lot of music though (most I find annoying.) What's your favorite TV show?: I don't watch enough TV to have a favorite, but I watch enough TV to binge through series. If I had to pick one, ..I'd say recently I liked watching through Rick & Morty S3. What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): I like most things, especially trippy scifi shit like Bladerunner. I dislike most "teeny" shows. Favorite Book?: I enjoyed reading pendragon series, goosebumps, in highschool. I liked the diablo books, and about a dozen other "horror" books, and mostly I like good fiction. But, I don't really read many books. What do you like most about yourself?: My dry sense of humor, and my dark sense of humor. What makes you very sad?: Idiocracy. Politics. What's your favorite beverage?: Water. What you're favorite food/snack?: Peanuts/mixed nuts, probably. Favorite season? Why?: Winter, cover the world in permafrost. Everything's dead, the sky is typically more clear, and there's no allergies. You can always warm up. Favorite subject in school?: Science Favorite thing to learn about?: Physics If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Mars, probably. Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Strategy games like Warcraft, Command & Conquer, Civ, Age of Empires/Wonders, usually RTS, 4X space games, and hack & slash/RPGS. Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: Why waste drive space? How many games do you own?: Hundreds. Do you play console?: Consolitus is a real disease that needs to be forcibly cured by Lobotomy, God, Aliens, or a Natural Disaster. Pick one.. (Seriously. PC for life. Consoles are just shitty laptops.) What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): Anything relating to PC. Mobile gaming is the bane of your existence as a human being, and you should be ashamed of yourself. What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): Google.com
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    me and my son just came from watching this movie probably in my top 5 of best movies i've ever seen was great and i highly recommend it
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    Nah mate, I'm fine, I'm gonna do some breakdance on the wall
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    I've had enough of this bullsh*t. Once again, suggestions are suggestions. Opinions are opinions. All are welcomed here. What isn't welcomed is pointless bickering, arguing or putting others down. Whether that's through text, memes, photos, pulling rank, etc. There doesn't have to be any escalation if everybody just treats others with respect. So let's start there. And let's stay civil. Thank you!
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    It is today Mr Gandhi was born into this world.
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    THE BEAST IS BACK ::DDDDDD with internet finally
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    I'd recommend those that are complaining constantly to try out jay2. Jay2 is a good server too and with less players they should find it less laggy and more comfortable. Major changes like number of slots will not happen over a few complaining about it. I think it should also be understood that no matter what you do, people will complain about something and you will learn that you cant just follow every suggestion that is brought to us, even though we do appreciate the effort, because we'd end up annoying more people. If those people really want change and aren't just whining in the moment, they are free to come on the forums to express their concerns. Things are more likely to change if a lot of people request it rather than one. If 80-90% are fine with a product, thats good enough for me because not everyone will be happy no matter what. This is why we offer many servers to try and cover every kind of preference. Common preference might I add. Every person likes ET for different reasons and we try to accommodate for it as much as we can but there is only so much we can do. If we reduce to 41 slots, people will complain that the server is always full and they cant play. Then we will get suggestion to increase again. TL;DR - those that find it too cramped, laggy or spammy. Try Jay2. Reducing it from 51 to 41, wont make much difference imo. Bigger maps are the only solution to massively packed servers.
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    I always knew this topic was a joke. I am glad its reaching its full potential with all these memes.
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    - that’s confusing -
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    The vsay has been in the pack for a really long time - I think before I even started playing there. I've been working on redoing the Jay2 soundpack but it takes a while and I had to put it on hold while I worked on other stuff like the wiki and map testing. I've already got all the vsays I plan to add actually in the pack, I just need to decide which ones to remove. I'm also working on a soundpack for the Halloween gameday. I'll try get the Jay2 pack finished first cause it should only take a couple hours to remove the bad/unused vsays. Maybe if there's interest we could have the Halloween pack on Jay2 for a couple weeks leading up to the 31st.
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    To answer your above statement see below - I am again saying to YOU - Stop acting like you didn't said anything. What you mean to clearly say is highlighted in red. I am just quoting your lines and no one else. First you are saying using /scores is ridiculous and now when others try to explain you go nuts on them. No one is talking down to you and stop playing victim card. Captn said this here clearly - He clearly said - what Aniky said. Any sane person would realize what captn and Aniky said is similar. On top if you had better argument or logic you could have presented it but you use this as your resort - and hence I had to again 'explain' to you. My reply all above. You will not receive any reply from me at least on this topic anymore. I can't keep 'explaining' more.
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    I agree with that. Balancing teams is done with a global picture of the situation and several factors must be taken into consideration. That being said, I understand what HipKat is trying to say. That it can be frustrating sometimes when you are on the winning team to force balance in the other direction. I agree that, in a perfect world, if both teams have the same number of players, the map should be played as such until the end. And if a team is overwhelming, shuffle or other blancing actions should only be taken at the begining of the next map. However, this is not a perfect world. If a team is much stronger than the other, people on the weaker team will start to leave. I've witnessed it several times. This is why admins try to balance teams as much as possible even during the map and not wait for the end (in case of big differences). Because if we don't do so, we loose players who leave because they are here to relax and are tired of getting powned non stop by a much stronger team. So, to conclude, I understand your opinion HipKat but it just doesn't suit the way things happen on the servers. If we were to apply your suggestion, I'm afraid we would loose more players. Agreed, so I won't spam the topic anymore. Just wanted to react with my opinion.
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    In a family soccer game you don't let dad and adult son play against mentally disabled son and 6 year old daughter for half an hour. You even it up so everyone can have some fun. Yay, I can make weird comparisons too
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    Beautiful anecdote haha, I didn't know in hockey you get a player from the opposing team if two of your teammates get send off. Teams should never be evened solely on the sizes of them. 20% of the players carry 80% of the weight, if these 20% are not split up well enough the teams will be uneven, how the other 80% is split is not something that influences the game a lot. You mention "competitive matches" while you are talking about jay1, that's kind of hilarious. People just want to have fun, hardly anyone cares about stats and hardly anyone cares about obj. This topic and argument doesn't make sense at all and the fact that it isn't posted by someone who is totally new to the game baffles me greatly
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    I hope this goes for full aged ppl (18+), as what I'd like to know is your drinking habits if there is a one... So here in Finland, what I do: A case of beer of 24 (4.5%) cans is usually my weekend "joy", costs about 29€ . If I go to a bar/club, a beer costs 6€+, drinks starting near 10€... So I'd like to hear what is your "normal" way to go to a bar/club and also how expensive it is.
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    hello everyone i just started playing recently on silent recruiting i enjoy the server so i want to introduce myself i'm 22 years old from the netherlands i like to play & watch football gaming ofc too playing mostly et and last but not least nature & hiking i'm on discord too Yami want to know know more about me? feel free to ask questions
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    The insurgency pic you made is my desktop background now They all look amazing! Keep up the good work on the events and I'll try not to take too many panzers to the face that day, lol.
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    Because i like to torment myself i looked through it *yawn So basically this is what i got jay 1 sucks its over crowded and should be less slots, it lags, the map pool is to small and put up christmas maps (btw its october) wait it gets better -hip basically calls panzerfausts an a**h**** (made me lol becuse well its panzerfaust) and we carry on...jay 2 is better, less lag, better map pool size, less chaotic but they should remove adren and double jump. Someone says take a handful of people and transfer them to jay2 to make 2 busy server instead of 1 over crowded one so basically turning it into a second jay 1... then a bunch of rambling bs end of story (btw this is the opinion of like 3 or 4 people 1 being hipkat(not saying your opinion dont count just giving overall picture) so basically 3 out of 40- 50 people that play there at any given time..)
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    of Nevada - obviously -
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    Looking at the comments, I'm not sure if this should be in spam section instead of discussion. Let's try to stay on point
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    Not much of a conversation if basically everyone in the topic disagrees with you but you still think your opinion is superior. A conversation is both talking and listening, but as history has shown you have issues with the latter. Now I don't mind that you claim it was a conversation rather than a suggestion, whatever floats your boat mate, but sneaking in a little "How I started it stands".... C'mon man... f*** off
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    Dear Life, Please Use Lubricant.
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    Hey Hipkat! I'm having a headache right now reading this, as you have also hijacked this topic to support your own, which was already explained there how we work. I understand you have your own mindset about that, but if you really start to think about it, the scores make it more sensible than player count. If attacking team isn't progressing, then the fault is a lack of support from medics who just play rambo. I wont be chewing this no longer, but just ask ppl to use their common sense. @HarryAimpotter those ss, it is ok to have 2 more ppl in one team if scores are ok, sometimes it is needed if other team is getting raped. I have explained this before to you and to others. So a condump of /scores along with ss of players is the right way to go. If admins ignore when ppl are asking for teams, /scores and also ss of players make it crystal clear then. We cant do much if we dont see how bad things have been. Also best way is to open a topic in a propriate forum, also to just make it clear, or use contact us option, or pm...
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