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  1. Version 1.1


    ET (Enemy territory) has been messed up lately with master list redirect and hacking issues. In order to stop it, please download the ET.exe and replace your current one. Patch is for all ET players playing from Windows OS. Steps - 1. Download the 2 file ET.exe and ETPRO.exe. 2. Replace the ET.exe with the downloaded ET.exe. 3. Use ET.exe to play on all mods except ETPro. For playing on ETPro mod, use ETPRO.exe. Please share this file to all your friends and ask them to patch their ET with this one. Please report on forums for any issues, if any.
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  2. Version (beta 2)


    Download pk3 name: doc_base_b2.pk3 Map name: doc_base_b2.bsp ------------------------------------------------- Map Information ------------------------------------------------- Game: ENEMY TERRITORY Title: FalX Document Base Filename: doc_base_b2.pk3 Version: beta 2 Release date: 02/06/2010 Players: This is a small map designed for 2-14 amount of players. Installation: Place the doc_base_b2.pk3 into your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or
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  3. 10 downloads

    (the readme file) BASE 55 =================== base55 Base55 is an Enemy Territory Multiplayer Map. Supported Gametypes: Campaign, Objective, Stopwatch Mapname: base55 Overview: August 1943. The allied troops have found a secret Axis Base. It seems that some prototypes of V2 are inside this base. The task of today is to penetrate into the base, steal the secret architect's plans of the V2. In addition the V2 Control must be destroyed. Timelimit: 20 min Allies Target - Dynamite the Maingate. - Steal the secret docs. - Se
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  4. Version 1.0.0


    Details Pk3 file : base47.pk3 Objdata file : base47.pk3\maps\base47.objdata Map date : 2005-06-06 Gametypes : wolfmp wolfsw Raw map name : base47 Arena file : base47.pk3\scripts\base47.arena Date added : 2016-06-26 Description At Base 47 everything is normal, the Axis are unaware of the Allied plans to attack the base tonight. A truck has broken down in the main access tunnel leaving the gate open. **Will Axis defend Base 47 or will Allies destroy the radar tower and steal the war documents
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  5. Version 1.0.0


    -Some textures have been changed -Objects have been translated into English
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  6. Version 13


    Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner cleans up extra non stock or custom pk3 from your etmain and mod folders. Fixed some old links Added auto clean *.tmp files 3 Steps: 1-> Download - Correction version i.e. For standard 2.6b Install use Stock-2.6b-pk3-cleaner-v13.exe and for ETLegacy - use ETLegacy version. 2-> Double Click 3-> Install (if you've changed ET folder!! on step 2 hit browse to the right ET folder) It removes any file with name start or have: ~~.pk3 (used for customized menu) **.tmp
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  7. Version 1


    TC base by Alienz is a map mod of the classic RTCW map TC Base. Adding a spliff smoking alien to the objectives and opening more routes through the map. including the grate pipe that featured in RTCW.
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  8. Version aoe-soundpack.zip


    This Funsoundpack includes all of the taunts of the Age of Empires I game. It was created to add some extra AOE fun atmosphere in the game. This soundpack includes 25 extra voicecommands for the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It was taken from the game Age of Empires (expansion) game pack. It's a small filesize that can be used on every server. It does not affect the other standard voicecommands, it just adds 2 extra menus.
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  9. 78 downloads

    An X-Mas Sound Pack for ET. HOHOHO and pass the eggnog.
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  10. 605 downloads

    For those not quite able to create your own color using the game as this program does for you. 1) Open the program created the name as you wish 2) Save the file 3) Put in in Etmain 4) Open the game 5) In the console type "/exec XXX" (XXX is the name of the file that you put in etmain).
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