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    I got my therapy , I feel better for now , relaxed
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    Win10 for 20€ is a fairly good purchase imo. Now only need to install it.
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    So... I found a job, starting next Monday, all papers ready(I am not tho). NDT Specialist. Finally. It's been very good 8 months. Time to come back to the life.
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    Your S:ET guid is now correctomundo (or correctamundo) as Bart Simpson would say. BTW, that slang is derived from the Spanish for "right world". Ha Ha! I guess that is like "all is right in the World" or something???
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    all Half-Life games are free on Steam until March
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    Since january , 2012 play F|A Servers!
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    congrats on ur full member . if u need help or have questions dont hesitate to ask..
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    Congratulations, problem! That is a sentence that I could never imagine myself "saying" before today.
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    Hey FAmily, I hope you are doing good. I longer have time to play, but I will always stick around here!
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    whats up buddy hows life treatin yeah.
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    I'd tell an elevator joke, but it'd work on too many levels.
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    "15 Beautiful Croatian Phrases We Need in English" : https://theculturetrip.com/europe/croatia/articles/15-beautiful-croatian-phrases-we-need-in-english/
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    Congratulations! You are now "on Trial!" BTW, your level 11 cannot be set on any Silent server until you put your S:ET guid into your profile.
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    It Fits u Lord Chicken
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    girls who wear glasses are the best kind #glassesgirls
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    Kobe Bryant died......no words.
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    I miss you already, Aiur
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