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    You want fun , instead of playing objectives , to much waiting for game days , event's? So come to play every second Sunday from 12 to 15 CET on our F|ABeginners2 server!!! No more sharing panza's , everyone will have it . Want to try your K43 or M1 skill's , come here and get some headshot's. You want to grill in those cold day's , okay come to server and try mighty flamethrower. Something is missing , "kein problem" make sure to contact our member's and add your suggestion what to play on next map! Everyone is welcome , have some fun and enjoy it!
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  2. Funkbut's 1 year anniversary of being accepted as trial =F|A= member
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  3. 9 july 2009 i got accepted as a =F|A= Member 2 year anniversary :DDD
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