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    40 Acc+ on distance? That's a fairy tale. And you know, that I know that gun very well. Another point, when FG42 should be "weaker" even if the 20 shoots let you VERY often die on reload, the MED-packs of medics should also decrease from +20 to +8, seeing thausands of medics on Jay2 doing 'self caring' continously and forgetting about team play. A phenomeon is also that "ouh, my points is 87/13" instead of doing the map. FG42 is a good way to break an army of medics stitching together.
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    1. What makes the FG42 so powerful on FA2 in the first place ? It doesn't feel that powerful on jay1. 2. Is there a way to reduce the damage reduction of adrenaline ? Because that's the real problem on this server in my opinion, it doesn't really matter if it's a fg42 or an mp40. It's just way too much.
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    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself finally, My name is Kurt and go by the alias Tm775. I have been playing Wolfenstein since Wolf 3D, and online since RTCW, and ET since the start. I have seen the game evolve with Mod's and custom maps over the years, but still love the classics and basic settings. Don't have a particular class that I prefer but am partial to Engineer and Covi Ops and mainly on the Silent Recruiting XPS server. Look forward to seeing you all online!
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    @HarryAimpotter Join us and provide fair play. If you be fair to others, we will be good for life long. If you end up throwing accusations for cheating to regulars, admin abuse, etc. sooner or later, you will find yourself banned or removed. But if you are really interested for helping server joining the team is best way to go.
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    Hello everyone, I am here today to announce the end of the original Oasis. However, this is not a day of mourning but a start of a new beginning, for a new Oasis has been birthed by the infamous @Smileyyy! After the many sleepless nights from the everlasting nightmares I have endured after being forced to play the dreaded Oasis that has plagued this Earth for the past two decades, I have set upon a journey to finally end the suffering so many of us have had to experience throughout our lives. NO MORE I SAY! This new map sparks the dawn of a new golden age! Now, remember this day, the 2nd of May to be the start of true happiness for all of humanity. Finally introducing =F|A= OASIS!! Below is a list of the changes made that address the issues with Oasis which include: - Shifting the focal point of battles to minimize the limitations of chokepoints by adding new routes and passages. - Changing the tone and intensity of the lighting to make it visually pleasing. - Making the whole map more accessible to have a more refreshing gameplay experience. Some visuals: - Allied Spawn. - *New* Sniper's Nest. - First Stage. - Room adjacent to Old City Wall. - Oasis + *New* Allied Forward Spawn (Unlocked by CP). - *New* Command Post and Health/Ammo Cabinets. - Tunnel Exit to Garrison. - *New* Side Entrance. (Destructable Gate) - *New* Interior of Side Entrance. - Side Entrance leading to South AT Gun. - *New* Axis Garrison Spawn Areas. - *New* Ladder to the AT Guns. - *New* Hatch and Pathway connecting AT Guns. A full list of the changes made: Thank you to all who have made this project possible, @CheepHeep - Moral Support, giving input on lighting and many other things. @Dynasty - Giving input on retexturing the garrison. @TheWolfTeam Discord Channel - Helping out with map related questions I had. And many others helping with playtesting the map! Download the map here.
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    Hello, I have spoken with @daredevil about this, but I feel it should be a open discussion. The thing is, I know Jay2 is an Adrenaline server, but the combination of FG42+Adrenaline is just too powerful compared to the other weapons. In the hands of a very good player it's a disaster in my opinion. I have seen lately many server regulars and admins grown increasingly frustrated with this situations. I have seen also quite a few people leave the game or the server because of that. My question is (suggested by @CaRaNo), is there a way we can limit Adrenaline together with FG42 in a way that you only get one shot of Adrenaline per life while using the FG42? I know some people will disagree and get upset at this topic, but I also know many people frustrated with this.
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    As Lista suggested, there is alot of adren abuse on jay2, yes I know its an adrealine server, but some ppl just boost after boost, even hiding till recharge and off they go again, some wont even go into a firefight without it - it does frustrate a few players and when a decent player acts like this, it does have a tendency to make ppl leave or go spec I guess thats the way its always been - but, it does have an effect on server 10v10 can soon go to 5v5 The fg42 does seem more acurate or something on Jay2 with little or no spread 40+acc is easily achieved even at distance, more so at closer range Just me venting off, but glad to have my say By the way, no offence meant to anyone who think they fall into this catagory It is what it is
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    @C0C4N4T10N @Smultronstallet @Siwex89 @LazyHippo
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    @Generalkoko @Esports Fox @Siwex89 @Odeonn @C0C4N4T10N
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    2813-0493-8110-7374 20$ figure its about time little past due! im not rich like some these fellas .
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    Hello Everyone, unKnow here I have a question for the F | A community, is anyone interested in playing trickjump (etjump) currently im good at tj and i like to teach people to play something if anyone is interested in that I could help them to play, here a photo of probably the most difficult gamma if you want to try,pm me Greetings
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    So a small and quick introduction. I am FOB GOD from the game Enemy Territory. I started playing ET back in the year 2004-2005 and I have been in only one clan since ever and unfortunately, the clan died many years back. (Field of battles - FOB) and the only 2 servers I played before was FOB and RC servers, where I made some great and amazing friends. And even now, I am still in touch with some of them and a few among them are playing on F|A servers and drag me here P:S I am the only true GOD here. The others are fake! Real Life! First name: Tushal Any sort of Nickname?: N/A Age: 33 What country are you from?: Mauritius, Indian Ocean Are you a Parent?: No How many siblings do you have?: 2 What's your shoe size?: 44 ( Yeah huge) and must be different from you guys! What do you do for a living?: I am a technical Trainer. Basically giving trainings in Windows Server 2016, CCNA, Comptia N+, etc. You know the boring stuffs. Greatest Fear?: Snakes! Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Does killing Vitosa with panzer counts? Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!): Too many to list! First thing you look for in a new friend?: Trust Farthest you've been from home?: I live in a small Island What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Vitosa! Cat or Dog?: Dog What are your hobbies?: Sleeping and watching tv. Not both at the same time though. What kind of Sports do you like?: I often run away from security guards and often climb tough mountains and face difficult obstacles. (Hitman, Tomb Raider and Uncharted) What's your favorite color?: Black How about your favorite type of music?: I listen to almost everything which is pleasant to the ears. Favorite Song?: Impossible by James Arthur What's your favorite TV show?: The Grand Tour, The Rookie, Billions, Lucifer What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Cartoons and Comedy Favorite Movie?: Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings Favorite Book?: The Secret What do you like most about yourself?: My blunt-speaking What do you hate most about yourself?: Trust people too easily. (Damn you Tomek) What makes you very happy?: The Beach, Sunset and being by myself What makes you very sad?: Idiots! What's your favorite beverage?: Beer What you're favorite food/snack?: Chips Favorite actor/Actress?: Jessica Alba Favorite season? Why?: Winter (At least you can wear clothes to be warm) Favorite subject in school?: Maths Favorite thing to learn about?: Programming If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: (Hey Tomek, where do you live?) What are your top three games of all time?: Need for Speed- Most Wanted, Resident Evil 2, Contra Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Adventure Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: Mafia 3 ( That game is pure *#&#$#($#) How many games do you own?: Quite a lot. Do you play console?: Yes What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PS What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): Facebook:D
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    FG42 sucks at medium and longer distance because of spread. MP40 player, can roll up even snipers. With shorter distance and person who knows how to give HS, yes it's powerful.
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    El Presedente nice suite mate
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    We have many players in Jay2 addicted to adrenaline, that's why they play there, if someone does not like adrenaline, they can play in Jay1 for example, My 2 cents...
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    I think it all depends on the player….seen others suck with the fg42....and lorthae knows his fg42....same like Xiahou Dun and Pharaoh know there shotgun the problem is just dren ...but to take dren away from jay2...dont know how peeps will react??? yesterday ive seen someone kill a whole team with mp40 and dren...it depends on the player ...and what his skill is
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    That's NOT what I see when guys like Lorthae are playing. What I see is him cleaning out the whole opponent team with the FG42+Adren. Med packs don't require skills, doesn't matter if you are a good player or a bad player, doesn't give you the same advantage that FG42+Adren gives. FG42+Adren on the hands of a skilled player is just too powerful compared to other weapons together with Adren. I would like it if this was a healthy discussion, no need to start attacking each other.
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    I tried it and it depends on the player, I got a 42 acc Personally the problem is adren, use the weapon you use You're right
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    Map lighting for me is fine at default
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    If the map is too dark for you, please up your gamma instead of changing the map lighting for everyone else. Thanks!
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    Why Not just remove adren on all Servers? That would fix a lot of probs
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    g_covertopsChargeTime would be a viable option. Nerfing that slightly would be very similar to only being able to use syringe once per life (realistically), although it should not be nerfed by a lot because they do need their stachel charge and perhaps smoke grenades.
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    Good remake smiley. I especially like the spawn in the middle. That map could be tiring.
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    why so serious???? HA HA HA HA..... ...hello Larysa
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    Suggestion:- The forward cp spawn shouldn't become default spawn for allies, because many wants to go through tunnels. So they start going back and block their team. Let the flag capture be default spawn and let players choose where they want to spawn. There is no point of having ammo cabinet by cp . Last, There is gate which allies blow by axis spawn? It should be re-build-able . Thanks Rest all awesome work with map editing. GJ.
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    That was worth it. You earn Oscar!
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    4 years and 1 day with =F|A=. Such a good time and still going. Feels good man.
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    Ask Kerm or any other admin to putteam you.
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    Long story short. When i was around 5 my dad use to go to a buddys house on the weekends only and they would always be playing et till when they wale up till 5-6 in the morning. So one weekend they had an extra pc sitting in the computer room with et on it so i decided to give it a try been playing ever since started it all when i was 5 now im 20.
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    I was looking for our "Food Forum" to move this to, but we don't have one anymore! ( Did we have one in the "old forums"? ) Then I thought about the "Spam Forum", but realized how offensive that that might be to the poster! It was a funny thought, though! @Leatherface "Saves the Day" (again! )
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    Take SS and contact us. Aadmins are humans too and if they miss checking scores, sometimes, I don't blame them. But my problem is when regular notifies teams are bad or another admin mentions it and then also some admins ignore it. That's when, I start warning those admins. I also warn players who complain for teams when teams are fine and it's 18 vs 20. Just off by 1 and some players actually spam up. For me team balance is common sense: Don't let one team slaughter and don't let one team get spawn killed on 'continuous' basis.
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    Hehe a bit late but there you go. Second one is from a photoshoot I had with one of my irl besties
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    Just now saw this topic... $50 Does this mean I'm back? Who knows!
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    Hi Clarke, Thanks for coming by to our forums.
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    You can combine strafe-jumping with double-jumping and gain a lot of speed. Strafe-jumping is a type of jumping that is built into the Quake 3 engine (ET engine is based on Q3 engine). You can strafe-jump in all of the ET mods. Without double-jump you can strafe-jump and continue gaining speed only on downward slopes (hills). Few months ago I told you that you move like a bot and recommended you google "strafejumping". Instead of doing that, you came to the forums and made complaint against me. Now you came back asking how do people "fly" across the map. I still encourage you to google strafejumping and learn the skill and not take offence when someone tries to give you tips on how to improve your game.
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    my username is HACKTODEATH . I'm pretty new to it, I'm still trying to figure out possibilities in game and other stuff.
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