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    @Siwex89 Great song, even Kult admitted that last year on same scene they're not sure if they can beat Nosowska's version
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    The old farts of metal. I wanted to post the original video but it's too family friendly
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    Allright, will try this tomorrow as well! I already changed hunkmegs and zonemegs as rambo told me.
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    Ok. Took a quick look in to your cfg and there are few cvars that will cause "lags" or "stuttering" more likely: seta cg_shadows "1" seta cg_tracers "1" seta cg_atmosphericEffects "1" seta r_drawSun "1" seta r_flares "1" Set those to 0 and try it if it makes any difference. Also the vid_restart is without the / infront, that's my bad, sorry.
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    finally 100% healthy up to the future with of full adventures
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    Allright, I will try. It's been almost 10 years since I changed my configs so I am really confused.
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    Do the changes you need, then type /writeconfig nikolai.cfg and post the cfg here, it is located in silent folder. Also if you add /vid_restart at the end of that cfg, you can just launch it ingame by typing /exec nikolai.cfg and all is saved there. I recommend the et legacy, for me it fixed a lot of "lags" I was suffering from time to time.
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    its a feature of MLB maps not a glitch and we allow it ..next
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    80's again. who can sit on my table and say it was nothing better than that decade ? lol
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    It's a "feature" of the map .
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    Fabri-marker on paper
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    The smell of racing fuel, and the smile on my kid's face is all I need during the warm season
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    last 2 change them they are to low seta com_hunkmegs "512" (this is what I use even if 192 is max) seta com_zonemegs "128" or erase them and put it in your exe on your game icon right click > properties > shortcut > in the target add this after what is already there +set com_hunkMegs “512” +set com_zoneMegs “128” +set com_soundMegs “48” It should look something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set com_hunkMegs “512” +set com_zoneMegs “128” +set com_soundMegs “48”
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    Hi! could you post your complete cfg plz to give it a deeper look
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    https://www.microcenter.com/product/613385/asus-rog-strix-gl10dh-gaming-computer im not a fan of intel. had to submit my opinion.lol this is what id go with .. i have had very great luck with amd based systems over intels higher priced name!
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    Hey bro, like I told you last evening, as your trial's ref, I m still here to help you. I could send a pm but I prefer you to answer to this to make some content and show everybody that you're not a bot. I ll send you a pm about some admin tips. Check your inbox. If you have any question, feel free to ask. osie
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    full with @lem0n91
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    Tom Hanks Movies looking great.
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    Since I'm quite inactive on here, I'll post some proof that I'm still alive This is me in Finland couple weeks ago.
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    @THE BEAST Hey mate! -Have you checked your FPS with another game? -DO you use the native GPU software controller for AMD? -Do you have a third party [graphic control] installed on your OS (like ASUS GPU Tweak)? Hope you will fix it quickly, since it is from 26 dec
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    Sounds like you've ruled out a software problem, albeit in an extreme manner. I'd ask what the most recent Windows Updates were, but now that you've installed a new drive.... anyways: First things first, have you tried dusting out your PC? it might sound silly, but seriously. Have you done it? 75 degrees C is too hot for FX processors. Your PC needs a good dusting, or you need to re-paste the CPU. PS: That config is full of crap. Half of the values aren't even being followed, and are marked as "unsafe". Why not follow the form here and either I or someone else can make one a little more streamlined? It's not a big deal to merge two configs.
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