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    Since I'm quite inactive on here, I'll post some proof that I'm still alive This is me in Finland couple weeks ago.
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    tonight i would never be tomorrow. mama is undergoing surgery tomorrow for breast cancer. she will be strong as always. No comment needed. I just feel my chest explode and I cant stfu.
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    from organic farms
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    the mods like chicken grenades are because you have those pk3's in etmain or mod folder. All sounds packs and skin mods are in pk3's if you want vanilla then del any non map pk3's from your etmain and mod folder. just dont delete the mod its self or pak0-3 in etmain they are game required. mpbin.pk3 is also a game file
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    Bowly, you were in finland and yet you told none of us?!
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    from Pattaya, Thailand
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    @Professor Tonyis correct, that desktop would be the way to go if you're needing something quickly and it's available. Aside from the obvious horsepower improvements it lists, you can get your whole 1TB on nvme and no moving parts in-lieu of the laptop's hybrid 5400rpm spinning disk + smaller nvme flash tiered setup. Also for note, if you for some reason decide on the laptop let me know and I will walk you through some stuff you would need to uninstall asap that comes bundled in MSI software.
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    Hi, Here a comparaison about both CPU: The PowerSpec G434 got a i7-9700KF The MSI GE75 got a i7-9750H the 9700KF is a 8 cores proc. 8, 8 Threads @3.60 GHz, 95 W (good to be overclocked) the 9750H is a 6 cores proc , 12 Threads @2.60 GHz, 45 W. With conclusion that the desktop PowerSpec G434 CPU is a bit better than MSI GE75. About the GPU, the RTX 2070 Super 8GB Destop is better than the GeForce RTX 2060 6GB laptop (the 2070 is about 13% faster minimum for the basic version, the one on the PowerSpec G434 is the SUPER version (RTX 2070 SUPER), so a bit better than the RT 2070 Basic) Technically, the DesktopPowerSpec G434 is more powerfull than the MSI GE75 (CPU and GPU) But you can take the MSI GE75 everywhere For GPU (The Super version of 2070 is a bit higher) EDIT: After posting here, i read the @Professor Tony 's review, and I agree with him. +1 for Desktop regarding to the most powerfull one. If you need to take it away, the MSI laptop it very good too I hope you will find quicly what you are looking for.
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    Of the 2 you listed the Desktop has the higher performing specs. The mobo in the desktop is a ASrock x390 which is an excellent mobo with great reviews. The i7-9700KF is a powerful processor that prove superior over the 9750H in the laptop. The only unsure thing about the desktop is that I have no idea what SSD they decided to use. But as the Price goes down, should it decide to fail outside of warranty that is a fairly cheap part to replace. All in all the Desktop is the best choice because you are focusing more money the basic components instead of the Monitor Keyboard and Mouse. It would be my choice to build my own, but as said before to build one with these specs would save you a minimal amount of money. This also seems to be a pretty good deal based off some of the prices that I am seeing currently. I dont see any spectacular deals on the sites I normally search. Long Story short: +1 for the Desktop From Microcenter
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    So I was looking at the coronavirus live update page and got this advert. I think someones playing a joke lol.
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    Thanks K3rmit, RendeL, AnG3L, CheepHeep, White Raven, Carbonautics, Kai, United Blood, Nancy, DJ aka GDR DJ, notellenPage and everybody in the forum for the warm welcome
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    Blue, feta, cottage
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    with extra pepperoni
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    Great machine ... here on Brazil, the same config is around $ 4000 dollars.... (desktop)
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