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    Fearless Assassins jay1 clan member pronoob. Nice to meet you!
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    Welcome to our new RUST Server Rust server IP What is Rust ? Rust is a multiplayer survival game released in 2013 and published in February 2018. Spawn with nothing, get resources, survive(eat, drink, hunt, plant), learn (blueprints) and build incredible things ! More of the main game, on Rust, there is many possibilities to mod the game as zombie mod for example !
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    I like the new updates. The servers run like always. INS #4 already previously have whole server lags for 5-10 seconds, if the server is full. But its okay, not so often. Reserved slots i would like, cos ive donated. In the evening the servers often full of ppl.
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    unexpectedly delightfully fabuloso
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    Getting close just need to put a few spawns in and adjust some entities Clipping is complete as you can see now there is no possible way to trick jump the gate Both CPs now have ammo cabinets will adjust fueldump and add one so both teams will have one at end but the cabinet will not be inside the Depot it will be at the tunnel exit door This will create a vantage point for both teams to keep it fair play Allies CP at start Axis CP at at Fueldump Tunnel Exit door is now sealed to Fueldump only Allies and Covertops can open it Work is slowing it down but almost done
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    Im still working out some things like this ammo box running out not liking that to much it's got a unlimited rate but it's refresh is so slow Besides that scripting is done the sounds for everything has been removed cause there is no reverse sounds just only tank fixed etc after this ammo box fix I will do the waypoints sometime tonight maybe then do a repack
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    Will add some requested maps here tonight.
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    Velociraptor eating fairytale
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    Best fix thanks need play this map
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    Okay after a few tries I finally replicated the issue you saw. It looks like something causes the Axis upgrade pads to disappear but I only got it to happen with 25 bots on the server and 3 map restarts so I'm not sure what's causing it. I'll have to remove the map cause it'll be pretty annoying to see again. Map has now been replaced. Thanks for letting me know
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    This game is OG love it didn't know people still play. ill have to download steam and give it a try
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    ill help with what needs to be done an try to bring a good crowed
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    You can get up here now from the backside above the tunnel only small section is open for spectators to go through so they don't have to follow people etc I'll try tomorrow and script the sounds and points to finish if Im not to tired I know there is some small details like light polls missing texture got a floating wire here and there that is all I saw so you know I know editor has to leave some details unchecked to be sure its his work
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    Testing spawns now here's a little teaser
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    Just visited Boston! Such a nice city! Destroyer USS Cassin Young DD-793 Long wharf compass USS Constitution My selfie with DD aka @daredevil
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