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    Hello everyone, after 4 years I have returned to play ET, I hope to get along with you First name: Remyd Any sort of Nickname?: Baki Age: 17 years old What country are you from?: Chile Are you a Parent?: No How many siblings do you have?: 1 brother What's your shoe size?: 40 What do you do for a living?: I dedicate myself to study and to have a technical career Greatest Fear?: Being home alone at night Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Fishing Most embarrassing thing you've ever done? (Don't be shy!): Vomiting in front of my friends First thing you look for in a new friend?: That is a good person, that I like and be calm Farthest you've been from home?: In Peru What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Fun Cat or Dog?: Dog What are your hobbies?: Play, go out with my friends or go out with my family What kind of Sports do you like?: Soccer, basketball, ping pong What's your favorite color?: Green How about your favorite type of music?: Electronic music, rock, pop, reggaeton Favorite Song?: Skillet - Monster What's your favorite TV show?: I don't watch TV What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): all kinds of movie Favorite Movie?: Predator Favorite Book?: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory What do you like most about yourself?: To be calm What do you hate most about yourself?: Be very quiet What makes you very happy?: My family What makes you very sad?: Being alone What's your favorite beverage?: Tea What you're favorite food/snack?: Noodles Favorite actor/Actress?: Jason Statham Favorite season? Why?: Summer, because I don't get sick and I can also go to the beach hehe Favorite subject in school?: Music Favorite thing to learn about?: What i can If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Japan What are your top three games of all time?: Wolfenstein Enemy territory Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Fighting, driving and horror games Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: None How many games do you own?: 24 Do you play console?: Yes, in xbox one S What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PC and xbox What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): Youtube
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    Testing Wold of Tank
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    Don't feel disheartened mate, i think tbh most people tend to only really look for help and tutorials when they need it sort of thing. I'm sure if you do the tutorials a good few will use them and be thankful, i'll certainly take a gander at the HDD one and would happy add my tuppence regarding data recovery, had lots of experience in data recovery from using simple tools like getdataback and spinrite to reading and recovering files from RAW partitions etc. Write them and people will come (see what i did there)
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    Jay2, Could We raise the minimum players on radar_summer. 16, 52, ? 5 vs 5 was over in 5 Minutes...
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    I'm just regular nobody who doesn't know anything from anything. I know something about Rust but playing alone is kinda boring. Looking forward for playing with someone.
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    I was thinking buy Audi but i bought this one 3 weeks ago
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    with deadly accuracy
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    i too would like to see em all. i always read everything u post!
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    so my good friend in rl has me helping him do a floor in his 40 by 64 pull barn .. i got up 4 am day after my 20th ann an drove to his farm 1 hr away . poured 1/3rd of it finished it .. got home 330 pm by 6 i was snoring . man imgettin old.lol just woke up wide fricken awake my dam shoulder i had fixed 3yrs ago is hurtin fricken doctors fixed nothing.but i am slowly realizing i should just be doing my own thing with crete and not work for the hacks .. looks so muchbetter when u get to do it ur way. funny is my old job was a shotcrete pool finisher. i got offered that job back .lol and other guy helping offered me a job also .. crack me up.lol
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    Hi FA community i am here to introduce my self to the family i go by predator on et legacy. Its always a pleasure to be in the lobby good vibes every day. I used you play 8 years ago but im back now hoping to join one of the greatest clans of all time F! Shout out to FA Bonscott thank you for you're time.
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    Welcome to the Fearless-Assassins Rust Club ! What is Rust ? Rust is a multiplayer survival game released in 2013 and published in February 2018. Spawn with nothing, get resources, survive(eat, drink, hunt, plant), learn (blueprints) and build incredible things ! More of the main game, on Rust, there is many possibilities to mod the game as zombie mod for example ! I play RUST and whant to play with other members If you play RUST and want it to be known, fell free to join this club and, why not, comment this post by posting your steam informations (profile name, profile link) and Discord profile. Into our Discord Server, we also have a role "rust" which can be obtained into the #Welcome channel. Thank you for not advertising RUST servers here For the moment, Fearless-Assassins don't have servers in Rust game, but can be possible in future depending on the number of members interested in it
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    Let me explain the tittle.I played that game as a kid but forgot about it.And then i recently saw it again and downloaded it.I dont get many kills,but the game is still fun and brings back old memories(the game im talking about is W:ET).I also love retro and modern games.I like MOBAs,first person shooters,hero shooters etc.I just love playing games thats all.
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    Welcome to the forums enjoy it Bienvenido....
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    Yeah the ending is pretty good, didnt expected. no cheesy, totally real, good film.
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    Thompson & MP40
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    omg. that is one of my dream cars. GLE63 AMG Coupe right?
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    Welcome! Glad to see you enjoying ET once more ^^
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    update: clan war - one 3rd place with shitty cards and the last fight, we don't talk (really shitty clan cards), but we fight memberlist full (50 ppl) but we are looking still for new active guys btw: i'm millionaire
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    seen these guys! with kixs.
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    What I would have done is logged into the super admin account and set permissions from there
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    That is a Very Worthy Goal!
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    im not too late am I? all 3 please and thank you
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    stalking their victim
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    Yea i know, it should be in theaters here around october 11 Planning to watch that also good to see someone with same taste
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    to make omni-bots play a specific class syntax: bot addbot <optional team> <optional class> <optional name> example: /bot addbot 2 1 bob will add a soldier named bob to the allied team in ET http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Omni-bot_Command_Reference You can also do this by adding a custom.cfg to the omnibot folder it has to be set in that folder to execute the bot addbot and execute it threw properties tab with +exec custom.cfg and just have bot addbot 1 1 and restrict weapons like Barnie described above using set g_heavyWeaponRestriction "0" set team_maxFlamers "0" set team_maxMG42s "0" set team_maxMortars "10" set team_maxPanzers "0" set maxMortars to the desired number of bots used and it will make them all use mortar if you have problems with maxbots being limited you will need to open Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\omni-bot\et\user\omni-bot.cfg and set min and max there example from omni-bot.cfg [ServerManager] MaxBots = 16 <--- you can up this number to as much as your pc can handle 32 is recommended max my opinion BalanceTeams = 0 SaveConfigChanges = 1 CountSpectators = 0 SleepBots = 0 MinBots = -1 <--- do note if your experience no bots loading up this number to make them appear use -1 if you plan on kicking bots best setting would be to set to server max for videos for instance 16 InitialDelayTime = 2.1 in server.cfg in the mod folder being executed you will need to set these two to get bots to start omnibot_enable 1 omnibot_path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\omni-bot" set Omnibot_Flags 0 // flags aren't required by default it is 0 the omnibot_path is set using the location of the et.exe folder if you want to shorthand this path just use omnibot_path ".\omni-bot" for example the one Im using to modify waypoints This is editing the properties of a shortcut created of et.exe ink file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\" +set fs_game omnibot +set g_gametype 2 +set sv_pure 0 +exec server.cfg +exec custom.cfg +devmap egypt_v2 set fs_game omnibot <---- this is the mod folder being executed must set first do note this is not omni-bot this mod will be created after the game loads the first time you may have to start the game first with +exec server.cfg and then add the set fs_game when you close it set g_gametype 2 <---- Set server to 2 and make sure to edit server.cfg to //g_gametype marked out with //'s set sv_pure 0 <---- So you can use /noclip and /god if your going for a close recording only OB_DMS.pk3 has ignore player http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=DMS exec server.cfg <---- Your server preferences for soldiers are set here exec custom.cfg <---- This is used for miscellaneous settings for bots freecam is only used in etpro and etlegacy through demo's just so you know before asking how to get a external recording sorry for not being more informative then before sometimes I got to much on my hands to write as much Always remember there is no omnibot folder until after the game has been played the first time then it is created if bots are enabled then you can modify the bots to anything you want using a omni-bot.cfg in that mod folder under etmain not in the omni-bot folder only modify the files in the omni-bot folder if it is necessary or you may corrupt your bots configuration and will have to do a fresh install
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    The copy i posted is the 64bit version, if you need or also want the 32bit then you can download it from VV https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/grantperms/
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    drifted in ocean
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    I-TH6WE9YLMR95 Platinum VIP Don't hate me because I'm a ho.
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    Greetings from the Sumida river!
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    Some nice cars in this thread! I'm a huge car and BMW guy. I've had about 8 cars in the last 14 years, almost half of those were BMWs (e36 325i, e39 M5, and now an F10 M5). My M5 is an BMW Individual car. The exterior is Amazonite Silver Metallic (really unique silver that has yellow and green hues, depending on the sunlight) and the interior is dark brown leather with lighter wood (forgot the exact names). The car sits as I bought it. It's a bit more aggressive than I would have modded, so I'm in the process of bringing it back to a more classy look. Video - Small revs to 2 and 4k
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    I am going to paste a copy of that cake on my Nephew's wife's FB page and ask if she has ever made one like that.
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    can achieve because
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    with many sharks
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