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    Creating Survey for ET - based on @ScoOfi 's request. He is trying to get league stuff going and would like to have some feedback! Help the fellow ET enthusiast out!
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    Good idea @ScoOfi I am not good enough for leagues these days but it would be good for us as a community to host some for sure. I hope there's enough interest!
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    Dont play too often on HC but when I go I see that desire to see less omnibots in a very low populate server scene. Yes, having omnibots gives you something to hit at and they can handle some help to the weaker team but I see 2 or 3 omnibots less could get along with server appreciation as in thinking for example in a 3v3 or 4v4 scene, I like that but I dont see that coming as the server gets better amount of players than other servers. I would like to see a 5v5 just like an experiment to see how it goes.
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    about one month ago added 50$ Transaction ID: 6UC73580022416142
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    Here's my first post on the fourms. I am a returning player to ET. I had the game BRAND NEW in 04, and played up to 2010. Pleased that there still is a community, and this game is still active.
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    So those who you played - on Beginners #2 event ... yesterday.. how did you like TDM? Would you guys like to play it on silent #1 or hardcore for maps like baserace, fragmaze, etc? For those who don't know TDM - it's team death match mode. To make your team win - you frag like fearless gangster and you do objectives to score bonus points. Which ever team - scores highest point first - team wins. Either time limit hits or score point is reached - map ends. After map end - you vote for another map during intermission, same like map voting. Looking for some feedback!
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    I think it's a great idea for HC and I like the idea of having it forced for certain fragging maps. HC is very competitive and I'm pretty sure it would be fun to play. I'm not sure though about the admin having to call poll vote, I think just having the TDM maps in the usual vote and when it gets voted people will enjoy it more and more. But it doesnt hurt to actually ask regulars on the server about it, i'm just wondering if they will vote for a "change". When the last version of FA italy made it to HC, I was literally begging to regulars to vote for it and give it a chance. It took a while to get the votes but eventually people started to enjoy it.
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    I think as we have map voting there, it shouldn't be an issue. Just keep the maps there as vote options is ok.
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    How about i make purefrag or frag maps to be vote only, which only admins can call vote for ? I can try to do something like that.. so admin can call poll vote - see how many players want it and if 80% vote yes - admin call the vote for map ? Note - Not 100% tested yet but can give it a shot to make it work if possible. If not - don't hold me to death lol
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    Hello everyone! Max Power here. Have been playing on your HC ET server recently and regularly, and am enjoying it. I last played on FA servers somewhere around 2010 and before that was running my own clan's farm {*CS*} (you have to be old to remember this). Started playing ET around 2006 and was a regular in [Testicul's] Classic Maps with [PlusUltra]. Some of my running mates were Normandy, Kr0niK, XD40, Murd3r, S!lver, B00Nutz, and semo. Again, probably have to be an old timer like me to know some of those names, but if you happen to, then you know my history. Now days, I run an IT operation for a large Enterprise by day and for ET am running a bare config, crappy laptop, and no mousepad... Soon, i'll blow the dust of the rig and actually see if I can see a decent frame rate again! Have enjoyed my time back on Hardcore. A lot of good players there that reminds me of some of the ringers from yesteryear. No one as good as Cheep Heep though. Probably the best player to ever touch ET, and it isn't really even close. OK, thanks for having me here, i'll see myself out now.
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    The hc.clan-fa.com bot count is set to 12 where bots join/part to make sure each team has at least 6 players. I suggest this be lowered to 6 (3v3). I view HC as a more competitive pub, something akin to the stopwatch servers. The bots don't add much to the game other than the occasional revive or plant/defuse, but I do think it's better than nothing. I also see bots as a cheap trick to get players into the server from the master list, as they're likely looking for a server with players. Unfortunately they join to find out it has bots, so I'm not sure whether this strategy works. The HC server has a popular brand name. For a lot of players that's the only place they play. I don't think the bots are necessary to get players into the server anymore. None of the maps on HC are very appropriate for 1v1, unless there's some sort of gentleman's agreement. 2v2 could maybe work (not likely), but most of the maps feature in 3v3 tournaments so that seems like the most appropriate number. Personally, I would play 1v1 and 2v2 with random people if the maps were automatically adjusted but this doesn't really make sense for a pub where people come and go all the time. I think 3v3 is the right number. There's still likely going to be a gentleman's agreement to not use panzer, mines, or rnade at 3v3, and more than likely almost nobody will be that honorable. But adding more bots doesn't fix this problem. I think casual randoms/regulars would be happy to do 3v3 and the traffic will naturally grow from that. I think players tend to leave when there are so many bots. F|A offers other servers loaded with bots for people who want to practice that way.
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    That would require re-compile I believe i.e. to change map names in loading and voting screen. I am not mapping expert but @Smileyyy can put some light.
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    Thanks for posting your suggestion efool. As I said to you on the server, you will get a response. We should try 5 vs 5 again and see how that works. Yes there will always be whiners and complainers but this might actually help as most HC regs complain about bots
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    I knife any and everyone who downvotes Fuel Dump. They upvote it out of fear.
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    I used the phrase "you make it sound", I am not putting any words in your mouth. However you do seem to agree with me so why do you even make a point out of it? No need to be tense... The 51 is not related to the way people vote, it is the total amount of votes. Your last phrase is quite funny, coming from someone who thought I was putting words in their mouth while you are practically choking the server visitors with all the words you put in their mouth. Please stop clouding your posts with overly exaggerated arguments because it takes away from the point you are trying to make
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    begin the beginning
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    You continuously make it sound like the whole server is backing you up on the removal of fuel dump yet I cannot remember anyone but you complaining about it here. That contradiction alone makes it pretty hard to properly understand the situation, so maybe it would be better if you spoke logically rather than emotionally
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    New changes - supplydepot2, 0, 64, et_mor2_night_final, 0, 64, caen2, 0, 64, fueldump, 0, 64, fa_goldrush_b2, 0, 64, mlb_hotchkiss, 28, 54, venice_ne4, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, pirates, 0, 64, capuzzo, 12, 52, et_beach, 0, 64, fa_italy_b3, 0, 64, kerkyra, 0, 64, warbell, 0, 64, fa_bremen_final, 0, 64, adlernest, 0, 40, radar, 0, 38, etdo1, 24, 64, supply_pro, 0, 64, teuthonia_final, 0, 44, braundorf_final, 0, 30, river_port, 0, 64, snatch3, 0, 32, UJE_00, 30, 64, sw_oasis_b3, 0, 32, castleattack_b5, 34, 64, eagles_2ways_b3, 12, 36, mlb_temple, 18, 36, trmfght_beta2, 24, 64, etdo6, 36, 64, bucket_v2, 12, 32, bba0-beta2, 26, 64, battery, 0, 32, tc_base, 0, 28, am_hydro_dam, 28, 64, mml_minastirith_fp3, 40, 64, baserace, 0, 36,
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    That Pompeo guy agrees with commercial and blockage war against asian countries. He insist again and again that Trump doesnt want war but their actions say all the opposite.
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    I could add it - make it no artillery i think. Make it 15 min map and frag it up.
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    Possessing omibotos is not a strategy for attracting new players to our server but providing entertainment to all our guests. Omnibots are a kind of help for the beginnings of players who can see what omnibots do and what mission objectives on a given map are realized.Prospective players do not know such commands as (/+ objective) to find out what needs to be done on a given map. For more experienced players, the ominbots are like moving targets on the shooting range, which helps in targeting real players.Do not forget about bots that always ask for ammunition or first aid kits always give. I am for having omnibots on the server.
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    I had tried to reduce it in past and it didn't help. When we where running bots in past, many clans where against it, to be honest. But as cheep mentioned, it gives something to shoot at. Now a days majority runs it including those who complained for it. We have ETPro - which is hard to make it popular not because people don't like it or don't want to play on it. Sadly no one is willing to join it first and camp on it. The reason i picked 6 is because considering 2-3 routes in any maps - on each route you will have 2-3 omni's to shoot at. That gives enough chance to get server going. All the pro's who say they dislike bots are the first to leave when when player count goes down because they feel they have no one to shoot at and have to hunt in map to empty their clips. The another example of why bigger good maps are disliked. Most of them want to spawn, get in combat - then either kill or die. If they have to move even 5 sec, omg this map sucks. So that's why if you see majority of maps that are voted are small or med size at max with close combat options. I have tried to find balance and on trial and error, 6 worked out best. So i stick to it. I started with 2 vs 2 and went up to 8 vs 8. Eventually 6 vs 6 was good enough. Basically it should be 6 vs 5 but people on hardcore are majority mature and if i call for balance team many are ready to move. So 6 vs 6. I am open to change and can try again 5 vs 5. We can see how it goes. I will wait for other people feedback before making change. I am not opposed to changes as long as changes are good for server.
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    I would say it was a good gameday. I had fun and I know others did as well Thanks for all the visitors, and admins who came there to have fun and contribute to it, and for the organizers who made it possible and have done the awesome posters And also thanks for @w1cx @Carbonautics @CheepHeep who helped me a lot with hosting it And many special thanks to @daredevil who did a lot for the gameday, before, and during it Dont forget to come to the next one DoI gameday is today, so if you play it, have a visit there
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    Thanks to everybody who made this possible had a great time !
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    so that anything
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    implode into nothing
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    everything before we
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    Radioactive vodka too
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    scary souvenirs selled
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    I don't know why but at the moment I really love jazz songs... New addiction
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    Donation from me. $30 USD ID: 4WM63403GT323504A
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    Little 20$ from me to. Cheers!! #8F925040HP499892S
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    Just a small contribution to the lovely community we love! 8NH35037G78444814
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    $15.00 USD for VIP Silver Transaction ID ch_1EakkiJLBBjF3ip3mVW7LGtw
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    This is my birthday so here we go $30 transaction ID : 3WE388084G739601B
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    hey there mate, Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy it here. Don't tell him that! even if it's true... XD
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