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    Staff removed opinion because couple of opinions where direct bickering to each another over stupid stuff. The fact is - in USA and in Europe as well, many places, hunting is allowed. People eat meat and if someone kills some animal to eat them, they go hey wire. https://www.bookyourhunt.com/hunting-in-europe As long as picture is legal i.e. showing hunt of allowed animals and not endangered species, it's allowed. If picture shows cruelty, it's not allowed even though it might be legal to hunt for that animal. If it's illegal, we report to the police for the respective city, country and get the person arrested for killing endangered species. That being said this topic is not for debate and is only sharing for pics. Thank you.
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    Sorry if that pic upset some people. I hunt for food it is not a sport for me. I also don't have many pics of me and that one was the first one i came to.
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    If you don't like any content , just request the person to remove it . I agree fully that you have all rights to post your opinion/s, but lets just not escalate things . More pics plz , we have several other threads to chat , thanks.
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    Fabri-marker on paper
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    Hello, it's time to reintroduce myself (after my last topic 7 years ago lol). I've recently came back to ET and started playing on your servers. My nickname is reesix, I'm 21 and I'm from Poland. At the moment I don't have that much time to play because I'm both working and studying. I started playing the game about 10 years ago and now it still feels good to hit some headshots There's a chance you can know me under the name Pause, which I used a few years ago. I used to be a member of |UF|, Q'| and rwiNa-) (for a short time) clans. I had great fun with these people and that's why I decided to reinstall ET. Every new shooter is either based on creating lobbies with friends or randomly putting you into the game and you don't have a chance to meet the same people you have fun with. About ingame me: I love shooting and trickjumping and hate panzers and poisoned knives. See you on servers and have a good time
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    That's really sad, almost inappropriate
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    Thank you for your response. And I have made a comeback to the F|A servers already. Glad to stay here. Peace
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    Hey. Those gaming stat pages are nice addition. Just suggestion to add sten as a weapon there? If this is at wrong place, feel free to move correct section.
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    Hello everyone. Sorry that I did not speak but my life affairs caused that I did not have access to computer. I agree that I was not in prison :) I was on training. I did not say goodbye because they are worse than welcome :) Earlier as you know I had a final higher University a lot of exams which immodestly I will say that I passed it successfully :) and many more things about which I do not want to talk to not remember about them :( It's good to be back and it's good that you are :P With the best regards.Pride...
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    I'm alive. Just enjoying the weather, spending time with my kids, making a podcast, and staying busy. I will still be playing when I can!
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    Hi everyone! Many things have changed in my life! I'm still a firefighter from Viña del Mar, but the only difference is that I'm serving in Ñuñoa (a district of Santiago de Chile). Watching my helmet a lot of people say 'What the hell is a firefighter from Viña del Mar doing here?' I'm currently studying a Master in History at Universidad de Chile, that is why I moved to Santiago. Anyway, I've been very busy! I hope everyone is fine and cheerful --Smuly
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    So when you want to search for a group of people, for example by clicking here And you can sort them according to these 4 So my suggestion would be to add a new option there, sort by "last visited", which appears in the profile of a person And make it like: It would be helpful to see rather how inactive certain people are in a group they belong to on the forum. Escpecially with trials, and see who visited like 3 years ago last time. With people who go to anonymous this would be inaccurate, but I think not too many people go anonymous, so for the majority it would be a useful addition tool to have. Also some weeks ago I noticed that I cant log in anonymously, so not everyone can (unless it got moved, and I have been looking for it at wrong place)
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    Map rotation will be changed by midnight tonight at the latest.
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    Thieves use digger to rip ATM from wall in Dungiven
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    Welcome back!!
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    Hello! Thank you for the suggestion. We are looking to soon remove our smaller maps after this upcoming gameday event (Saturday the 20th), as we expand to higher amounts of players during weekdays and weekends. Although Bog is a very controversial map within the COD4 community, I think we could definitely pull it off without any problems. We will take this into great consideration.
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    Welcome back
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    Hi there, I would LOVE it if you guys just added BOG to the rotation. You guys do a great job thank you so much! I will donate if you add bog!
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    Welcome back
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    Welcome back !
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    Welcome back!
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    welcome to our forums!
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    Hi & welcome on the forum
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    i was way better in 2009 then i am now.. i use diff os diff cfg and had way lower connection then now. back then i was ranked 1st on bunker 1. when u had to wait to connect. i think mind set and good settings is what its about.. this game doesnt do for me what it did in 2009. i think if u want too improve overall u need to play better players and they just dont exist today like they did 10 yrs ago.. i used to 1v1 alot kevin an i atlest 2 hrs anite...it made me a better player. cfg can make views better performance better but doesnt make u persay better. just makes game easier. the mind is the most dangerous weapon of all. getting players to do what u want when u want then u are good.lol
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    its time yes just for my boi @Smileyyy
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    Then it's our duty to tell them - please learn what variable does what. https://fearless-assassins.com/enemy-territory-cvars.html If someone doesn't know how to walk - they can't run. The problem in 21st century is everyone wants to run directly and that's where many people fail. In above URL just do ctrl + F and search for variable.
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    I miss all my HC regulars. I even miss putting the trolls to sleep. Hopefully I will be back to gaming in a short while.
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    Yesterday, for his easter hollidays, I repeared the kid's bike (wheels, brake, etc.) The sun was here and I don't want him to watch screen all day long. He came back few minutes later. With... an ICE CREAM !!! troll/20
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    only in south dakota 3 days ago 70 and awsome out today holy hell hanna.. is this Antarctica. drove to work today to pour a 25 yard floor only to turn around go home.. needed 4x4 to make it .. love how the boss waits till im at work to call it off. always same shit show.lol rain rain sleet snow hail more rain.. lolgotta love it. what was gonna be a 50 plus week turned into 30 hr .lol
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    Forget the why.... who are you? really? And stop wasting our time. Lousy interwebs these days.
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    A friend of mine, unbeknownst to me, thought it would be funny to hack a traffic sign with my URL on it. Caused many laughs, and pissed off a few people who made it political. It's since been removed but it created some funny pictures!
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