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    Forget the why.... who are you? really? And stop wasting our time. Lousy interwebs these days.
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    Hi all, after few years like inactive member, i'm back this year to the battlefied and the forum. Some F│A members like Vindstot, B0unty, MadDoc, MadMax, Hotspur, my sons AGpike1 and killerpunisher, and other member make me back to the family F│A. It will be an honor to carry my F│A flag again. Thx All Cheers
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    What do u think about FA logo? Edited: Yea I know its looking like we just play ET,it can't be current logo but I ll find new 1 soon...so sad
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    , painful death marked
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    Hello ppl,I talked with DereDevil about some suggestions,wanted to share with u too all... Forexample, FA servers have the players from many different Countries.and too many people can not understand English.maybe we can add some new cmd's like; !rules pl (for Polish people understand what we have the rules who do not understand English) !rules tr (Turkish) De,Nl,Sp and etc... and maybe we can use some fun cmd's... !pants !coffee !kebab !beer etc... And I am usin Adobe Premier Pro CC for years,I wanna make a clip for FA and share on youtube...and if someone send me some demo's I can use some scenes from it.(fun moments,spree moments and so...) and I will create a new logo for FA if I can(in tha future:).
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    Well it has been probably 6 years on HC server and I haven't introduced myself yet.. as you most of you know I'm Egyptian ( of Turk-albanian origin). .. I've been playing E.T for years on different servers but i got attracted by HC because of it's members ( Stalker, Bubzle,Cheep,Achilles,Stryder,antichrist,fish dude, nub, darkman,peaceman,johnnycolorado, etc..) and of course ELSAROF the best player HC ever had thanks and god bless you all.
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    Heyyy to the guy who knows Hungarian is hard Welcome to our forums
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    Reach out beyond
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    bicycle with basket
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    to ever become
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    Hello, I think we need on Hardcore and Silent1 servers more maps where Axis are attack because most players dont like defence and then they stack allies team and do unbalanced teams. God bless FA
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    Developers obviously lacked my sense of humour lol xD
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    Welcome back!
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    Magyar is stroooooong haha thanks mate.
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    back from the ER, played soccer with my nephew as keeper, landed on my shoulder and will need surgery again. ffs
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    galaxy's spiral arms
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    denied and it
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    Been playing your ET Fun Server maps for a few days. I am 19 and from USA
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    Hey, welcome back
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    hello and welcome in our testosterone enriched forum
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    Glad you made that choice! And back!
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    Welcome back to the F|Amily!
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    Welcome back pops, good to have you back!!!
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    Welcome back - Crazy ,= ------- shot
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    Added on B2. Will add some fun stuff for silent1 and hardcore as well pretty soon.
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    with smell lingering
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    A friend of mine, unbeknownst to me, thought it would be funny to hack a traffic sign with my URL on it. Caused many laughs, and pissed off a few people who made it political. It's since been removed but it created some funny pictures!
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    October 2019 in cinema with Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, Robert de Niro, Zazie Beetz
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