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    My face literally hurts from grinning at this thread. @JohnnyColorado you sir are a genius. I salute you! And everyone who made some to add to this thread, I salute you too!
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    sunday is cookie ahhhhh DJ day
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    sauce with crunchy
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    Made by an old teammate
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    Simple steps - Note - Do NOT delete any of the files in your installation. It's just replacing it. 1. Open your ET installation folder. In that put the below files in your etmain folder - pak1.pk3pak2.pk3mp_bin.pk3 cgame_mp_x86.dllui_mp_x86.dllqagame_mp_x86.dll 2. Then replace your ET.exe with this one - ET.exe It should do the job! To confirm - open your ET and then open the console using ~ key. It should say 2.60b
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    a crossfitter midget
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    and his little
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    I love how he didnt get angry, just smiley at it Eye of the Universe - Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom
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    Well its a bit ago when i started to work in clubs and on shows. Started as a small local stagehand. In the first place I only worked to get to know the artists and speak with them. Well after 2-3 Shows i realized that this wont work proper and its way to hard just to speak with them. I still didn't stop working as a local stagehand. for my luck ofc. One Day, after setting up the stage, the light operator was collapsing just 10min before the show was starting. No one was near the venue to help. so they asked me if i could do that. After the event, the artist came to ask who operated the light. i was basically to afraid that they hated it, but i had to tell them it was me. that was quite a hard step for me. I usually don't speak a lot with ppl. (small braininput: that why i'm not often in voicechat) They loved how i did the show for them and they wanted my to join their tour for the rest of the year (well. 8 shows to do in 3 months). I started to learn the console i was using every show. Even if i didn't had to work on weekends i went to shows and was just watching how other operators work. and if i had luck i also could watch them programming the show before. After the Tour had ended, i went back to my old company as a stage hand. But they just wanted me to do the lightning. no more building. just programming and operating. After a certain points where i was, working 80-100h a week just programming and operating i was done with the world. My back was hurting more and more every day. my only thoughts the whole day were where the highest building was to jump off. i knew i had to take a break or stop doing it. So i stopped doing it. for almost 2 years. In those 2 years i never were in a club.. i sat the whole day at home alone with no friends. I went to rehab. had several surgerys. After those 2 years i was opening my own business. I had struggles to get on the market again. I asked my old boss if he could help me or if he wants to cooperate. He agreed to the cooperation and i started to make light shows for bigger and bigger events. I also had the luck to get to make a show for Dillon Francis or David Guetta. And finally a dream has become alive.. i was asked if i could do a lightshow plot (the duration of 1 dj) on Tomorrow land... and at that point i knew.. This was the live that i wanted. To be continued...
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    and for nq1 peeps This topic is awesome!
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    @-=HipKat=- There was also this one
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    Duemo... Billie.... Sis.... Neuro...Raziel... Armory..Sal...... Her. Thanks for walking with me.
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    Haha I think you are talking about this one XD
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    What a nice topic! Here is one I "borrowed" from Internet Idk who made this tho And made these for this topic. Hope you like them..
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    My new friend has a very Irish name... O'Really?
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    Mario final View File File Size: 10.5 MB Objectives: Secure 8 Objectives Each Team have there Own castle, They have to Invade each other Castle to Secure as Much Objectives as they, It be Similar to Capture the Flag. Submitter Smileyyy Submitted 05/14/18 Category Maps
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    If you see this in your bathroom what you gonna do?
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    Is yoyo's fault!1111
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    OMG, Stop lying and sending more lies by PM In-game Salutations, good sir.. You're full of rage right now, please.. take your chill pill and stfu. Thanks for reading. The Fearless Assassins Anti-Rage Patrol
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    [19:35] =F|A=yoyo: wut [19:36] =F|A= Hecken! ,: what do you think about gayterz, cough.. i mean butterz [19:36] =F|A=yoyo: he's cute [19:36] =F|A=yoyo: lol [19:37] =F|A=yoyo: i saw some pics of him in spandex [19:38] =F|A=yoyo: tight ass [19:38] =F|A=yoyo: i think i gonna stalk him [19:38] =F|A=yoyo: wut do you think? [19:38] =F|A= Hecken! ,: LOL WTF?
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    Your female fingers can't handle a scroll down, don't start making LAME excuses.
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    Admit it, I kicked your ass.
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    Call Gayterz cough, I mean Butterz.. He's more asian than me.
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    Owl Poops on Man's Head VVS danger
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    I saw a video where a guy sends BigMac with some device into space. Have I uploaded that? If not, probably soon I will Maybe I should get one
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    Hey @Larysa I got super powers! I can give 500 likes to Hecken so that you don't have to like his posts from 2010, if that's what you are trying to do.
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    find Richard Hammond
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    I feel like a few people did me that way when I came back until captn and letdown realized it was me.
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    I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I? An Echo
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    Bob - "Have you heard about Murphy's Law?" Tom - "Yes, anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Bob - "Cole's Law? Tom - "It's Julienne Cabbage in a Creamy Dressing."
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