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    3x 100 USD 4XK679201S3582238 7RE71406XW887115N 7WW76984FS2494055 1 x 150 USD 908963909P265010F Thanks to @daredevil & his team to keep up the w:et servers. It's a pleasure that they spend most of their time to look for the servers and to keep them alive.
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    Hey peeps, I think i should update my "Who am i? Who is neocortex?" Well. I'm Sarina, nearly 29 Years old. Born in finnland moved to Switzerland when i was 10 and now i'm switching between Austria & Switzerland :) I'm working as a IT-Systemadministrator during the Week and on Weekends or on holidays as a Sound&Light Technician. u can find me on Jay1 and Jay2 most of the time So if u see me, just v54 me
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    My older brother just visited today, staying for a few days. Cheep = Happy.
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    On hardcore and jay2. Jay1 in 1 day later.
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    for a cookie
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    while the kittens
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    See if you can spot the popular Jay1 player in the 1st pic answer at the end of this post Click on the picture to zoom in
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    human faith in
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    of forgotten time
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    with a magical
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    from the island
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    the cover story
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    and control every
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    wish to dominate
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    adapted to impossible
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    trusted because we
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    into the shadows
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    nothing but dust
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    the dead house
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    vibe coming from
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    Hello , im glad to tell you ,that im getting promotion on work to become a Storage manager. Its on trial period so wish me luck Ps : im so exited
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    @CheepHeep , share your worms "toot suite"!
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    purring so loudly
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    puppies dancing upside-down
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    where dreams shatter
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    between his cousins
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    You. Are. Crazy.
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    Version b2


    B2 Changelog Truck starting position changed. CP position changed to back of bank. When built by axis, they gain healing and supply station next to the CP. When built by axis Tank Depot's Side Door gets removed. Inside of Bank has completely been changed to combat camping around the corners. 2nd Tank Barrier's buildable has changed position to grant more cover to Axis engineers. Map has been made a little bit less orange, to ease on the eyes a bit. Side Wall to Bank has been added. Minor texture changes. More changes. bspname: fa_goldrush_b2 Map by =F|A=Smiley.
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    Another 50 for the great servers and forums.. Thanks to all of you that make it happen. 6NM6263507176060S
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    As usual, $1 per name with the designated colour for the gameday that just passed. 27 pink names, so ill round it up to $30! Thanks to all that came, FA wouldn't be making money without your presence. Transaction ID:45K20502RV991650E
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    this is a sad song to me ...my dad my best friend gone!
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    Mr and Mrs Bunny at the local watering hole @Bunnny on the prowl after dark GJ Bunny
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    Found some spare change. Heres $10 Transaction ID:2PK35710S2221834U
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    Not that much, but I promised to donate when I got paid. $5 for this wonderful community 0U768225KH142892K
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