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    Haha @Patrick i am currently filming an ice skate competition https://ibb.co/yhrYX6F
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    cat walking on
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    [sigh] a test?
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    Exciting weekend leading up to my B-day on Tues... we have had 9 inches of snow last night.. 1-3 more predicted for tomorrow and Monday into Tuesday another 5-8... for a place that averages 1.7 inches this month lol
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    Then I bored I work like a manager of Russian Iceskating Team.
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    Eh, I will just make a status update. Hey there, dear everyone. I would like to finish my "inactivity" and come back as before, and being active. Although Im busy with Uni, and with some other stuff, I possibly just wont have time to be as active as before. Nevertheless, I tried to actually leave, but it seems I cant do that. So Im here. What happend has happend, and I want to move on from here, and not live in the past. And I also make sure such a thing wont happen again. I went inactive quite unexpectedly for some people, I apologize for that, things also happend to me suddenly. But now I feel fully recovered. What else is there? I hope to see you all again, and have fun with you
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    This is what I have beeeeeeeeen telling you when you keep on complaining for knifeeeees!!!
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    Sight to taste
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    With garlic bread
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    Did you later get a re-freeze before all the snowmelt had gone and suddenly had icy roads, sidewalks, porches, i.e. any flat surfaces? (or even 'round' ones?)
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    DD watches the usage-stats for the servers very carefully. All topics are read, but not all suggestions are replied to or acted upon. One possible problem with having a Jay-1 server-twin in Europe is that the number of players might be split between the servers and cause neither one to be #1 in ET usage. Their numbers might not equal that of Jay#1's right now, because "players attract players". (even the ones that complain so bitterly about jaymod hit-boxes, etc. ) Lenovo and all others, keep the ideas coming. All will be read but very few will be enacted. That is just the way it is with most new ideas, but every once in a while ...
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    Guys I often feel like "we need only 1 field op on the team" too, but if the teams are like 12 vs 12 or even more, I can be a second or even third field op, just to give ammo to ppl. It is so lame to see five or six field ops in the same team, or, in generally, or too much covies or soldiers, for example....: Or 7 medics and zero engies. The team must be balanced by classes: So, 1 go to server, 2 choose weakest team 3 choose need class for better team play 4 play and be nice to players FA RULES! :))))) PS And I also think Lenovo didn't settle with us also because of his lang barrier :((((( English is a must.
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    Not that much, but I promised to donate when I got paid. $5 for this wonderful community 0U768225KH142892K
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    HOW do I change my anti lag settings ; D I have always wondered much the same. I frequently find myself in the position of having some ones 6. They don't even know I am there, I am just sly like that, and I proceed to unload a withering deluge of HOT lead into their back, point blank. 3 shots nothing! no hitsounds 6 shots NOTHING no hit sounds...then I will get maybe 3 hit sounds and they spin around and slay me. This shiznik is disturbing : D!
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    anti lag in et sucks! some settings can make this happen and some people do it on purpose!
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    maybe we need some shield like in fortnite ??
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