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    Saw today on facebook, that the W:ET group (W:ET facebook) throwed some statistics. FA was mentioned there as the biggest community. Loads of comments and likes, good advertisement. I felt proud and had to just answer some random comments where old players were asking if FA is still alive - hell yeah we are! //EDIT: I saw later on @ScoOfi had posted this already earlier Nice work there!
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    we've got about 50 odd new people join our discord server hoping to get back into ET so far!!
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    Big thanks to @ScoOfi for that!
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    Splash damage have repost it too .
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    I nerd out over any and all things Space. Read this article this morning and loved that Mercury was visible. May be boring to some, but I love it.. I am a "Sky Watcher' https://earthsky.org/todays-image/photos-early-dec-2018-mercury
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    Big congrats to the F|A community!!
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    that is fricken awsome!
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    the basket and the seat for you barbie doll area nice touch
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    my values: r_gamma "2" r_intensity "1" r_mapoverbrightbits "2" r_overbrightbits "1" sample:
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    I have restored the copy of cfg and it's ok. Later I will check which options make such a fog, I have two suspects.
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    I've never seen oil that looks *that* fubar.... wtf happened there? Gas in the oil? Got a Honda F22 to pull apart shortly, but the last rebuild I did (AMC 4.0) was due to this: Thermostat failed shut in gridlock traffic, blewup the rad and seized the 2nd piston.
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    hey all we have added a new Sandstorm section to our forums please feel free to post any sandstorm related content here cheers
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    stomping on noobs
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    This me with Medic. If I'm running into the battle and I see someone with low health or needing revive, I almost always stop and throw med packs or revive - and normally get killed doing it, but I find it more honorable to sacrifice myself to save someone else and then re-spawn and start again. Or like when we had Xmas UJE Factory, I'd sit back with needle out to revive people as quick as they died on Axis or just throw random med packs out there. No one could ever accuse me of being a Rambo medic that never revives, ever
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    Just to clear this up. I have respect for you. I understand your frustration when people spam "Insufficient Fire Support". I get the struggle. I always enjoy your company when you play on Hardcore. I just want you to have the fun Im having though. I LOVE this game now. I played it for almost a year about a decade ago. I just recently started it back again and I love every minute. I just hope that you can understand that some people are going to be noobs. Some will be noobs for life and never change. There's nothing you and I can do about it. So that's why I say I just want you to have fun man It's a game. That's how some people (like myself) see it. Yes I care a little more than them, but I'm not like everyone else. I don't want you to get disheartened. I don't have a hateful bone in my body. I generally like everyone and people usually like me. I try to be friendly and if I see someone being nooby, I try to help them and give them some guidance. That's all we can do. Everyone playing is human. We all have flaws. That's just something we have to accept. I think once you get that, you will have fun in the game again I really hope so
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    I respect your way of seeing things like that of all the others who have intervened, but you respect mine I ask only this, there are a million posts created by me, try to control them, and you will see that there is always someone attacking me only rarely does anyone offer thanks. My frustration (as you say), that all those who give me against try to highlight, comes from the factor that you being of another opinion, try to make believe that what I write is always wrong, for what I keep repeating, that there seems to be a conspiracy against me, I do not oblige people to see things from my point of view, instead you always look, to let me see things from your perspective, is a bad fault, it's bothering me a lot. this answer is not for JonnyColorado but for "C!to"
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    I only play field ops. I only drop ammo. I dont use strike-cans or mortar. If someone calls for ammo v22, I say v6 "Im a field ops" and run to them with everything I have. I'm usually on the winning team because my team always has bullets... I can't shoot well myself, so I give ammo to those who can. Most times when people see me go FO, I end up as the only FO on the team... Once I know where people like to go, I throw ammo for them there. That way they dont spend those few precious moments having to call for ammo. Do I care about how many kills I get? NO. Do I care when people tell me my accuracy sucks? NO. We all play to have fun and escape the bull crap of every day life. We do it for entertainment and to pass the time. We do it cause it's fun. I enjoy throwing ammo. That's what makes the "game" fun for me... Plain and simple... Play the game for what's fun for you. I have people tell me I should be going medic or covie or whatever THEY think I should play... Do I change class? NO. I play what I want. I play what's fun for me That doesn't mean I won't go Engineer when I see people having a hard time like in Gold Rush to get the tank at first. Or Adler for the Generator. But as soon as we get the Objective... Im right back to Field Ops. Yes, I know how to play field ops. When you toss an air strike can the fire goes perpendicular where you are with the can as the center. I would have never learned that if I didn't play with some great =F|A= Admins (Hulk, C!t0, Renegade, Negan, Vehx to name a few) I appreciate everything they taught me. I love every moment when I play with the great players on Hardcore Server. This community is amazing. Everyone is unique and has their own play style. Instead of trying tell others how/what to play. Maybe change your strategy based on how THEY are playing? You might learn something new... Might also make the game more fun for you? I dunno, just my opinion. Take it or leave it, but I hope I've opened your eyes a bit... Air Strike Example
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    Lenovo, the reality is is that there will always be players that don’t play objective, there will always be players that don’t get the map even after years, but you shouldn’t let this ruin your fun for the game. DD is going waaaaay out of his way to really, really help you and is trying soooo hard, so very hard with you to help you understand flaws in the logic of what views are misconcepted and skewed into negative tangents. As well as help you see where some of your advice is off when trying to help others. All this to try and improve your posting and bring you to see that there is better ways of having an outlook on what is occuring. That there is a lot of positive to be had amongst all this. Try and have fun on what is a game made to have fun and don’t let circumstances like players that can’t play, races for highest fragger, no teamplay going on, rule over your fun
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    Hey, wait a minute It was during warm up and finally, we gone to work. ah ah Next step championship ?
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    Even us...I am rusting too lol
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    Like the build, absolutely hate the cable management!
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    Custom mods mate, all carbon fibre
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    damn thats my deam bike too!
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    lol im lost in the chat ,which cfg to use now lel write a steps for me maybe i understand lol
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    BOTs should do this on all maps, then they stay out of the way, they don't rush objective, they don't steal heavy weapons and they don't stab people with poison needles, yet the server stays active with 25 ppl on all the time! All in for BOT Self-genocide!!!
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    Oh Dear Jesus take a f***ing wheel .
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    without any pants
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    heya katez welcome to our lovely fourms
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    Welcome to the forums, Katze! Great to see you!
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    Then you are my soul mate That's what I had today 'dying' + 'fun'! We will go well together hehe
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    Actually I have a lot of fun, dying on your ET servers.
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