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    I know I am having rough time in my life since last few weeks but my friend you need psychiatrist.
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    Hey, when you connect to HC or Silent1 server there's still an information about TS3 server in the "message of the day" area. I'm not sure about the other servers, I haven't checked them all. Why don't you change it to something like: Join us on Discord! or Visit our Discord server! or Talk with us on Discord! etc etc Hope you consider this, thanks.
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    Citrate paper which
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    I'll be back on in a day or to just moved glad to be done
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    Hello guys, I made a survey that you can leave your view about W:ET. I woud like to start some projects for you guys, so please take 30 sec to answer the survey. http://bit.ly/ReviveET Thank you and have a nice weekend
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    Does WinMTR show any differences? Yours look good. Modem/router firmware working properly, though there are some spikes. Seem infrequent enough though, as averages aren't too far deviated from best. Could be the datacenter was getting hit hard with traffic, or they did/were doing some maintenance. I have one or two guesses- but just speculation, so won't mention them as to not derail/cause confusion. Triangles on lagometer explanation (hopefully is accurate- been a long week and I'm exhausted... someone plz correct me if I'm wrong ) -Blue lines w/triangles is server side. -Green line is client side. For upper line/server side: -Downward triangles indicate interpolation- this is ok. Triangles facing up indicate extrapolation- this is not so good. This is where FPS, snaps and other network settings come into play. Basically the server sends out 20 updates per second (20 snaps). -In your SS above, your display is updating 100 times per second (100fps). In fact, you might notice that depending on your net settings, and/or the higher your FPS is, the larger the triangles. For lower line/client side: -Red is bad- means no snapshot sent to the server- which leads to extrapolation-- yellow on the upper line. However, there can also be yellow on the bottom line. This would be reverse but also bad scenario-- client didn't receive snapshot from server, or it was delayed. -ET servers update at a fixed rate, clients don't. Clients depend on networking, system performance, etc. So to account for that (using your latest ss as an example), the game client needs to smooth things out to account for those differences in updates so you don't people warping/jerking all over the place. -So in your example (you're running 100fps*, server is updating 20sps*), those triangles show your client taking 1 snapshot (snap), estimating positions of players, rockets, etc. and smoothing it out over 5fps. *fps= frames per second, sps = snapshots per second (or snaps)
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    Because one player ping is 400 - that shouldn't effect your game play by big shot - can you please provide the evidence of it from code perspective? Their needs to factual evidence to support your thesis. If someone is lagging - that would effect their game play. The reason we can give !kick in extreme cases is because - they can fix their internet first and then join back - That would help them. If i make 150 limited ping - during connecting your ping is much higher then normal and in fact that would end up resulting - blocking you in itself. If you and me - both are on server - i can prove in real time - that my simulated lag - doesn't effect your FPS and/or lagometer.
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    if youre new and dont think youre being treated rite you have to speek up me , im tired of it a couple of admin dont care for me or somthing so they have muted me banned me for 72 hours calling me a cheat when they know good and well i dont cheat now they got me set up first 3 min of map 28 shots 48 hits and 0 kills when they cant beat you square up THEY cheat with there admin abilitys and all im looking for is a straight game im here to die trying to kill fools but they wont alow it how they walk in own flam without dieing there guns dont reacoil any of them i have to stand on two of my own gernades to kill myself that tells you somthing rite there i probly wont get to talk anymore after this because they dont want to here this stuff but they promote cheating banned i just cant figure out is cheating they dont likei dont know but all i can say is i love et and fa been here a while and the way its heading i dont think is very good but it takes way more than me to do anything about it so speak up i know theres alote more than just me being treated like this . thanks for listing Slaughterd
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    Twitted as well - Now if all twitters users would support it - it would be great!
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    None of them provided any measurements or evidence, either.
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    Now that's a lot of damage!
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    Hello and welcome, @WHooSH ! ET is still there waiting for you!! Always great to see old time players coming back...
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    I know there is a thread somewhere of that but somehow I can't find it anymore. So if found please merge it to the correct one. In the meantime, I've got an explicit picture of one of our trial. @THE BEAST
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    maybe after a week I managed to solve, I found an article that says that with the latest updates of win 10 the realtek soundtracks croaking driver booster had updated the version on 10/22/2018 I came back from 2 previous, I had to do some tests, I found one that works but only with normal audio, the one that I crack is the same. At least I have no lag and drops of fps, 1 week that I become crazy, I thought it was the internet, because it was only if I watched movies on the internet and if I played at age, but if I watched a movie with vlc player, it did not happen. I recommend to those who have problems with lag for some time, to check and possibly change version of the audio driver, sometimes an old one works better with some computers. This advice is also valid for the avideo sched drivers, sometimes an older one is more stable and makes + FPS
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    10/10, would read again
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    cos u didn't provided any winMTR and/or lagometer so we can't figure it
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    Hallo Mate Welcome to the forums
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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
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    This warrants an immediate dismissal from the clan. How disgusting. Nice ass btw.
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    He has rate: 5000 in ET. I have sent Him PM on how to fix...
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    Can you explain to me the numbers next to the maps DD? I dont see more than 50% of those maps ever played on the server at all. Just the usual 10-15 maps again and again.
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    Im sure, that doesn't exist in your country
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    chillingly bone white
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    Hi ! Due to my studies i was inactive (again) for some months, sorry about it. I've started to play again 2 weeks ago and i hope to keep playing for months and years As it reset every month i lost lvl , so if someone can set me please. Thank you!
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    Don't guess based on votes. Not all visit this forum. You need to create the tournament first - then market the idea on SL, TB, reddit, FB, etc etc sites. Once you are done advertising it, open the dates for participation. Every month or so, I get on an avg 2 PM's for panzer war server, tournaments, etc. So far only mustafa hosted successful tournament and he had help of few members. Create team of staff who will help u. Servers, I have ready from last tournament.
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    Traditionally the is only panzer allowed for soldiers in 5o5 cups :). Usually teams run 3 medics, a rifle, and a standard engi in 5o5 and for axis maybe a fops instead of an engi until they need to defuse something. Unlike normal Jaymod there already exists a fair amount of diversity in the classes in competitive play so I do not think you would need to restrict anyone with what classes they have to play
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    glitch et_mor2_night_final : (demo) https://scarface06.xyz/docs/wet/TonyMartial/040119/demo0030.dm_84
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    NEW BABY BOOM IS BORN!!!!! sweeeeeeet!!
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    Happy new year !!, the best wished in this 2019! Waiting the year in the coast
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    My name has more of a personal history to it. Back in 2003 I met my ex. His gaming name was SmoKey on a game he played before ET came out. Then went it did he started playing then I started play on his computer. I then got my own and made my name SmoKette. The name also applied to me in real life. So here I am in 2018 still using a name that gives me sadness. Sorry to go personal with this.
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    After very long time saying HI to all of you my friends and of course Merry christmas and Happy new year
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    Happy New Year to all of my friends here from me & my wife (just married yesterday ). May the upcoming year bring to all of you and your families all the best in the world. Cheers. xP.Bo0m
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    Having at least 666 private messages while being in game is quite annoying... 80% of them are config requests, so I decided to leave it here along with other settings and devices I'm using... Hope It will help you to improve or to test something new! Settings n stuff : windows sens: 6/11 dpi value : 400 in game sensitivity: 1.666 no acceleration at all, removed by using that fancy file MarkC or smth It was called. windows 7 64bit mouse : razer deathadder elite keyboard : some noname 5 quid one headset : logitech g430 autoexec.cfg
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