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    I wish you a happy new year 2019
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    Something kinda weird
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    Happy new year !!, the best wished in this 2019! Waiting the year in the coast
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    With this year about to end in just a few hours, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in this clan, whether I've had the honour of their companionship or not. This place has not only granted me a safe haven where I feel respected and loved, but it's also helped in getting me through a trying time in life. Therefore, it is only fitting that I feel proud going into the new year with the distinction of being a Fearless Assassin. Thank you. All of you. Truly.
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    In the neighborhood
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    Peoples expressions changed
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    After very long time saying HI to all of you my friends and of course Merry christmas and Happy new year
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    Happy New Year to all of my friends here from me & my wife (just married yesterday ). May the upcoming year bring to all of you and your families all the best in the world. Cheers. xP.Bo0m
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    I'll be kinda on a few day. Need prayers please not for me the people around me
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    Happy new year peeps. I will be back on servers in 2 weeks hopefully
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    Danish Champion oldboys, year 2000
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    Hey, how are u guys and girls! First big congratz to all new promotions what have been given when i have been away. Nice to see some new blooth in clan too and new helping hands! Happy to also see Rendel back in clan! Hienoa että oot tullut takas auttaa meitä! I have some pm's waiting for me, but i try to get myself back online in jay2 first and then check pm's. Thanks for all "hey how are u" pms when i have been inactive. So whats have been going in my life! I have been doing work and a lot. Very often 50h per week. I enjoy my work still a lot. Its hard tho because in mondays and tuesdays i do night shift and i am home at 3:00Am and in the wednesday i do evening shift (home at 20:00) and then morning shifts in the thursday and friday, what mean that in between monday to wednesday i only come home to sleep and get my sleep pattern back to morning pattern for rest of week. That havent left me a lot time for clan. I has been lurking in site tho and kept eye on all most important stuff but avoided to reply anything when i havent know whole pic. So in the comming weeks, forgive my mistakes or explain me situations if i am wrong on something. Also NHL has kept me busy. Watched all Wild games ofc and watched a lot Edmonton games too. Never been Koskinen fan before, but he made big impression to me in EDM goal and even did take him to my fantasy team. As most of u know, my Grandfa passed away in 14.May and i have been missing him a lot. Grandma is okey, some hearth problems which she have to live now. She memory is poor, but she still recognise me most of time and is happy and not miss grandfa what is good. Still single, even that tipsy tryed his best to get me girlfriend. Anyway come to jay2 to and say hi to me when you see me. Mostly i will only play weekends, because my work schedule. Lets make Jay2 great again! Cheers von Rantala
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    Happy New year guys!! I hope everyone has a fun night
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    All the best in the New Year!!!
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    Happy new year! fellas.
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    Happy New Year !! Hope you get what you wished for in the New Year!
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    Happy New year everyone!!!
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    that new fancy pc wont go that high with out shutting off.. thats funny . i believe 462a was last socket u could burn hole thru. one of the reasons i dont use that stuff.. i got a good chuckle bud..i love u !
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    lol .. i bet u where freakin out .lol
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    It'll be the Saints and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Mark my words!
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    razer cortex options, fps in game
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    wafted seductively upwards
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    $5 - Transaction ID:2C883704RY028612C Really can't spare much atm. Just slippin in something as a christmas present.
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    50,00 USD ID - 75G21847M18645308 Merry Christmas and happy new year
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    From wiki: If the ping is steady, it should not be any problem to others (thisway from Chile has ~300 ping, but steady). If you visit our other servers, you notice much higher pings there and no issues with it. If the ping isn't steady, we admins ask ppl to fix it or we put them spec if they go zombie all the time. AWP is a good example of such a player, unfortunately he doesn't care to listen, but starts to insult also. P.S. thanks for coming here to share your thoughts. As we spoke about this on server, there isn't much I can do about it, but bringing this here in daylight for discussion might help. Feel free to apply and become help for us few out there to deal with these issues
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    165 notification, and dam this forums looks so cool with the snowy and lights, Anyway, i was inactive again after i messaged i was back, cause of personal issues, my grandmother was really ill and she passed away last 2 weeks back and my laptop was also not responding correctly. But all things are ok now, Missed INS sandstorm , need to get back . see you all on servers.
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    before people explode
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    changed a few things in your cfg for you to try http://www.filedropper.com/autoexec_9
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