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    For two years I moved to what is now my new home, I want to present you a bit of the photos I have taken where I live. Any advice or comment is more than welcome. Cozumel, Mexico.
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    My latest addition on My hobby cars garage.
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    Hi guys. I've not been so regular at this forums as I wish, but I'm doing what I like, and I want to share them with you. I know there are a lot of good photographers in FA, so any kind of comment or advice would be more than welcome. Thanks on andvanced. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Excellent photos, the first one is epic, got to confess never been to Cozumel island being so near to it.
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    Usually it's to prevent harassing and most importantly advertising via PM.
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    Wow, nice RS3! I totally agree with the hard ride, have driven a RS3 once and I lost all my teeth during that ride :DDD ps there are cars like Toyota Yaris, that are she, but masculine cars are he imo XD
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    The LA Rams look like they're coming along this year. They could challenge the Eagles for the NFC crown. Meanwhile, Alabama looks like the obvious National Champion this year with their dominating play over inferior opponents.
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    My name is Whitesell (sometimes people take it is a racist thing but it is just my last name I assure you). I've been play ET since I was about 8 years old (18 now) and instantly fell in love with the game. My dad showed me ET one afternoon and we would play together until he would go to sleep and I would stay up into the night playing. I'm a pretty chill person I like to think, I play to win usually but what's more important to me is having fun. I mean, it is a game right? When I first started playing the game I didn't really stick to any one or two servers I just clicked on whichever seemed interesting. One day I join the >RC| No Quarter server and it felt different. They had a sense of family I really enjoyed and I felt I needed to become a part of it. Under a different name at the time I put in my time to get the 75k xp and applied. By some miracle when I was that young I had a place there. I became a very vital admin in the server and was constantly helping the owners and other clans-members with what they needed and I couldn't have been happier. After a good 5 years of playing I eventually decided that as a kid I liked being outside more than I like sitting inside on the computer. Nevertheless that sense of family is something I've always loved in a group of people that aren't actually blood related family. Since being a bit of a "online gamer" again I re-downloaded ET and was in dismay. Most of the giant server list are filled with nothing other than bots. But that is when I stumbled upon the FA community. So far I haven't been playing on the servers too too long yet I'm already getting that same feeling of family again. The people there actually enjoy the game and enjoy each other's company. It reminded me a lot of the times I had when I was younger. Well now that I've overshared a story that you probably didn't want to read or wish you hadn't read. I'm just a guy who loves ET and loves the people who play. Sorry to post a whole paragraph or my "life's story", just the community here brought back to light a lot of strong feelings I have in memories of this game. Thanks for providing such a nice place to be! -CJW
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    Introduction ET offers a variety of settings to customize your game. Whether you're a casual or competitive player, this config tries to encompass all major variations and allows you to switch between them while including a few helpful scripts with performance in mind. I hope that players can find this useful. Quick Setup There are several settings that you will need to change before using this config. I recommend reading the entire post to better understand its features but will use this section to outline the minimum changes to start using it. After decompressing Arkinder_Config.zip open Arkinder.cfg in your preferred text editor. *PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT CONFIG AND USE cvar_restart BEFORE USING THIS CONFIG! (/writeconfig configname.cfg) If you aren't using a US keyboard all binds and scripts will need to be bound to your keyboard. Having the same key does not mean that your keyboard uses the same mapping for that key. To use your preferred sensitivity, crosshair, colors, and FOV you will need to change the 1 - 7 bindings and the Mouse Wheel FOV Toggle Script. sensitivity is not set in this config so the game will use the default sensitivity of 5, if you did a cvar_restart, or your last used sensitivity. This will change to my settings whenever you use the mouse wheel unless you change it. (lines 24 - 49, 222, 255 - 262) Set your name. (line 248) If you are using an AMD graphics card please change r_primitives to a value of 2 or will experience FPS loss. (line 441) Set your preferred resolution. (lines 444 - 447) If you prefer using a non-default m_yaw or m_pitch. (lines 483 - 486) Change your FPS cap. (line 510) All variations can be loaded from the console without using binds, e.g., /exec Arkinder.cfg; exec better_default.cfg; vid_restart Please note that Arkinder.cfg contains mostly default graphic settings for the game. To cycle through the graphic settings please read the Config Toggle Script explanation below. Scripts & Binds Not all keyboards are the same. For players with non-US keyboards you will likely have to rebind most or all of the keys for them to function properly. Sometimes this can be as simple as retyping the same key but with your keyboard. Mouse Wheel FOV Toggle Script - Can be used to change sensitivity, FOV, and crosshair settings when scrolling with the mouse wheel. (default binding: MOUSEWHEELUP, MOUSEWHEELDOWN) Sniper Settings Toggle Script - Can be used to change sensitivity, FOV, crosshair, and connection settings for sniping. (default binding: MOUSE4, MOUSE5) Class Selection Script - Can be used to change teams and / or class. (default binding: F5 - F10) Config Toggle Script - Can be used to change graphic settings. (default binding: [, ]) Connection Toggle Script - Can be used to cycle through various connection settings. (default binding: ') Name Toggle Script - Can be used to cycle through aliases. (default binding: -, To use the Class Selection Script press F5 to change teams then F6 for Soldier, F7 for Medic, F8 for Engineer, F9 for Field Ops, and F10 for Covert Ops. Pressing F6 - F10 multiple times will change the weapon that you've selected. To use the Config Toggle Script press [ to cycle through the available graphics settings then ] to execute the settings. The same effect can be achieved from the console when executing Arkinder.cfg initially with /exec Arkinder.cfg; exec nostalgia.cfg; vid_restart Better Default - Offers more visible graphics than the default settings used by the game / Arkinder.cfg. Frag - Offers the most visible graphics for player models. HD - Enables settings like atmospheric effects and blood with increased graphic settings. *Lower r_intensity when map textures are too bright. HD Alternate - The same as HD but better. Unfortunately it will be too dark to use for some players because of a bug (ET:L doesn't have this problem). *Lower r_intensity when map textures are too bright. Nostalgia - Old school graphic settings with compressed textures and more visible player models. The Connection Toggle Script should be used to determine the connection settings that you use all of the time. Just cycle through them to find which is the most stable then change the settings in Arkinder.cfg. tl;dr In Arkinder.cfg remove the scripts and binds (lines 6 - 205) then replace the graphic settings in the Renderer section (lines 392 - 447) with the settings used in either frag.cfg or nostalgia.cfg or whatever. Default Better Default Frag Nostalgia Regards, Arkinder *PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT CONFIG (/writeconfig configname.cfg) Arkinder_Config.zip
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    Just regular 2.4 petrol. This would really need the turbo, kinda lazy when accelerating, but awesome to drive tho :)
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    Decided to give Black Mirror another go and holy fk I'm so mentally scarred this show ain't playin around #wokeaf
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    First name: John Any sort of Nickname?: JohnnyColorado Age: 33 What country are you from?: Colorado, USA Are you a Parent?: Will be in Feb 2019 to a baby girl How many siblings do you have?: 2 (a little brother and little sister) What's your shoe size?: I wear boots What do you do for a living?: Military Veteran Greatest Fear?: Spiders... Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Fought a spider... Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) Lost to the spider... First thing you look for in a new friend?: I tell some jokes and if they laugh at the corny ones, they're good people Farthest you've been from home?: I've been around the world about 5 times now thanks to the Army. Name a country and a body part and I lost that part there. What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: The link from the server I was playing on. Cat or Dog?: Dog poop outside and bring me my beer. Cats need to be pampered and you scoop their poops... Dogs FTW! What are your hobbies?: Reading, Mountain Biking, Gaming, Drawing, Painting, etc. What kind of Sports do you like?: Motorsports What's your favorite color?: Green How about your favorite type of music?: Fallout Boy, Panic at the Disco, Pierce the Veil, The Used, Chevelle Favorite Song?: Hold Me Tight, or Dont - FoB What's your favorite TV show?: Below Deck (BravoTV) What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Comedy/Action Favorite Movie?: Ace Ventura - Pet Detective Favorite Book?: Anything RA Salvatore - mainly Drizzt What do you like most about yourself?: I'm dumb and I know it... What do you hate most about yourself?: I'm dumb... and I know it. What makes you very happy?: Extra large stuffed crust meat lovers pizza and a glass bottle coca cola. What makes you very sad?: Being away from my wife... What's your favorite beverage?: Glass bottle Coca-Cola (canned soda in the USA uses corn syrup and glass bottles imported from Mexico have cane sugar. You can taste the corn and metal in canned coke, but the glass bottle is still classic) What you're favorite food/snack?: Fresh melon, musk melon, watermelon, honeydew melon, etc Favorite actor/Actress?: No one actor/actress is better than another. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Favorite season? Why?: Winter. Snow. Snowboarding in Colorado Favorite subject in school?: Science Favorite thing to learn about?: Anything and everything, you should try to learn something new every day If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: I've been around... I like Colorado. What are your top three games of all time?: World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Farming Simulator Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: I like most games when I have time to play them. Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: I still have Age of Empires 2... How many games do you own?: With steam... 100's. Do you play console?: I stopped console gaming after the Wii What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PC What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): https://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/category/cheese-recipes/
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    well i think u coulda got the cat to smile more .lol looks good to me .. cat has nice eyes.
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    Sorry I've been busy with stuff lately but yeah dude I'd love to try this out I was thinking this was gonna work on a non-hardcore server. Ping me on discord if you wanna talk it over
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    Thank you all very much for your assistance with this! ElEl: I don't recall the name, but Dark sounded familiar. However, it isn't mp_dark (which was an RTCW single player map that was converted to RTCW MP). I have so many map names running through my mind and many sound familiar, but I've found they are familiar for different reasons. I keep trying to picture the map loading screen, as well as recalling myself looking through server listings for servers that had been running the map to jump on and play. Sadly it has been over a decade and my memory really isn't coming up with anything more than fuzzy, vague words. I have gone down archives of both RTCW and ET maps and looked at their 'levelshot' images. I've also done hundreds of different searches for RTCW and ET in-game images to see if anything looked familiar, and I've also downloaded hundreds of maps and either loaded them up to test or (in the case of RTCW maps) simply did a quick decompile of the bsp files using GtkRadiant to quickly peek to see if it was the map. No luck yet. captnconcrete: I'm thankful to hear that my poor text and graphical description was enough that you could help with letting me know that I wasn't nuts thinking it was an RTCW map. I distinctly remember being crouched next to the gate defending my dyno and seeing the 'pillow' health and ammo packs used in RTCW around me. I couldn't recall if that meant it was RTCW map or if it could've been an ET server with the classic pillow pack mod on it and it meant it was an ET map or an RTCW map converted to ET. Merl1n: I've checked out mp_castle_siege, but I haven't been able to find a pk3 for mp_castle. I'm thinking it was one of the base/included RTCW maps. I just watched a video on youtube showing someone playing mp_castle and it really is very familiar, but it is very different from the map I am looking for. I also checked out mp_keep and many others, but still no luck. I actually just went through a huge list of RTCW maps once again for a few hours and still haven't found it. https://www.breezie.be/rtcw/mapdownloader/maps.php https://www.rtcw.info/mapdb/rtcw/ More info: In that video above the walls appear like a mossy/dirty brown stone, but I recall the stone walls being a darker grayish tone. Perhaps it was the lighting of the map, though, as the one I am searching for is almost entirely open to a night time sky so may look darker. The rubble texture in the above video is likely the same rubble texture though - it looks just as I remember the tall rubble pile looking like, but the pile in the map I am searching for has more debris sticking out of it. I'm going to spend some time later on searching through more youtube videos to see if I can find a recorded gameplay video of someone playing on the map. Perhaps I'll get lucky and find one even if it is just a few seconds of footage in a 'goomba' montage video. Again, thank you all very much for the help you've been able to provide to me already. You've really helped focus my search.
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    Do you remember him? @RendeL posted just as I was finishing my response. I just remembered, Rendel...we don't want to set him until he puts his new GUIDs into his profile, anyway.
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    Sorry guys, what a dumb I am. I got the cd taped on the back of pc all good now. lol
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    There are still "workarounds" for obtaining a few upgrade to Win10. That's no matter though, since there's an issue with a product key that worked before. One question: Where did you purchase your license, and about how much did you pay for it? (Full price, half price, a "too good to be true" discount, or was it included with the machine?) I'd try activating Windows over the phone, I've had keys that would refuse online activation but work once I called in: 1. Disconnect your machine from the internet 2. Open the run (Win+R) dialog, and type in "slui 4", click Yes on any UAC prompts, and follow the steps provided by the activation wizard. 3. Type in activation ID provided over the phone, and boom. All good to go. Note; If you don't get a phone number and an "installation ID", or an error comes up, you may need to "reinstall" the product key while offline. Start command prompt as an admin Type slmgr /upk then slmgr /cpky followed by slmgr /rearm Reboot, stay offline Type product key in when prompted. Repeat Step 2 (slui)
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    These are not bird droppings. These are Major droppings.
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    The default on Enemy Territory as far as I understand it was that Covert Ops would take the disguise of the enemy they stole the uniform from. Lets say they stole the uniform from player X. The opposing team would then see them as "Player X". The only exception were players who were playing under two conditions. 1) They were field ops. 2) They were level 4 field ops. If both these conditions were met, they would identify the covert op as "enemy in disguise". Using custom mods (jamod, silent etc), there are now lots of different variants on that. On some mods, there is only one condition: 1) having level 4 field ops. You don't actually need to play as a field ops, just be a level 4. On other mods you can also take the weapon. I think that is how it works anyway...
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    This happens because you have level 4 signals. I don't have that so I see my teammate's name, it's just a feature of ET. I think this carries over for all classes because of g_skills having flag 8. If so then this is what you'll have to convince DD to change but I could be wrong . Most people on Jay1 have level 5 in all skills so that's why you're immediately being seen.
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    OH, NO! I should have suspected that you would have found the same info that I did! I at myself. I seem to make this error a lot: search for a subject and find what the questioner has already found. NO for me!
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    Hi, RedBaird. Thank you very much for that additional and helpful information on that mp_castle map, though that was not that map that I am in search of identifying, unfortunately. I thought I had managed to accumulate all of the original map pak files to check out the base maps in addition to many dozens of custom maps that I have been looking through to see if I can identify the map I am searching for. Apparently the map packs I've acquired are titled as "mp_pakmaps0.pk3" and progress numerically and are not the original maps (they include trenchtoast, dam, ice, etc). I just installed that same Project Wolf after you recommended it for the base pak file maps and checked out the bsp/map file for mp_castle to be sure it isn't the map. That map is definitely not the one I am in search of, sadly. MP Castle is mostly close-quarters interior and crypt-related with three separate confined and vertical areas having no roof and open to the sky, while the one I am searching for is primarily larger (a bit wider than goldrush bank courtyard and 2-3 times as long) and almost entirely open to the night sky). The only real 'interior' sections of the map I am searching for are axis spawn rooms at the rear of the courtyard, the upper walkways around the perimeter of the castle/base/keep having ceilings, and below the surface down the steps in the courtyard where the objective to steal is located where there are likely a couple rooms and a hallway as I think axis have a second spawn down there. I appreciate your efforts to help with my search as well, and I feel I am a bit closer now that it has been narrowed down a little bit more.
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