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    concentration gradient of
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    3166 abbreviation list
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    Hello there! Welcome back!
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    reference quantity to
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    Looks like same issue: All sorted out. Have a nice day
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    Sorry for your loss. I truly understand I lost my father April 30. Best Regards RatSpit. And...CONGRATULATIONS on getting married!
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    lol another mute if your muted its for good reason the crap that flies out of your mouth on a regular basis your lucky your not permanently muted enjoy
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    "I wanna change your mind, and bring you in close to me..." New song in profile
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    I barely post pics of my kid, but for once here is one taken by the sea a month ago
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    i haven't found a spam topic about counting i used to do that in my past clan in the spam section so let's add it for fun i'll start 1
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    Hola amigos! Not exactly new but havent been on in a few years, glad to see things are still up and running!
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    Hey guys.. first and foremost I'd like to apologize to the ET community for my absence especially during the 1v1 tournament. I lost my grandfather and didn't feel much for gaming at the time. I am back and would like to know if someone could reactive my fa application. I will be more active on the form than on game due to the fact that I'm getting married the 29th of this month so I've been extremely busy with wedding stuff and don't have much free time for now. Hope ya'll can understand!
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    the necessary components
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    Monday starting 3 weeks of night shift.....
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    Sorry for the messy hair, I was wearing a helmet before the picture XD
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    At work, I had an evaluation ... everything is good. YAY !
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    Been on a nostalgia kick lately Warning Graphic
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    Yes we are all DJ’s secretary here. As a secretary i should mention ... make sure your GUIDs are up to date in your profile. Gengis
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    back to ET member, pleae read in our forum the NEW stuff and the NEW rules. for level on server poke a co-secretary (recruiter) or higher btw:
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    Tram_Siege_Final, Cortex, Stargate
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    Im a f***ing GOD
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    Breakout is easily big enough and lighthouse has various spawns to spread the play around and is a vertical map. I played both maps on large servers years ago, 40+ players. You have radar, caen and supply which are more constrained than these maps.
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