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Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and your family!  - Fearless Assassins Team!


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    Hello my dear fellow comrades at arms, hadnt had the time to come here and own you all, guess you all miss that not saying that i will play more, but just to say that i miss this a lot, havent forgot anyone. kisses and hugs. (ps: @Afro. play as long as you want, you will never reach my level xoxo)
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    We were about to play together tonight, but his miss didnt granted him permission.
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    For real though, I did lower my ping and benchmark speed by around 10-15% or so using the settings and method found in this video. Port forwarding and DNS server optimizations also help in case you haven't gone through these processes.
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    November 2018 in cinema with Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston and Dan Fogler
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    After 5 weeks of group matches, it's time for the final and most-exciting phase of the cup: the playoffs! The top two players from each group have advanced to a double-elimination bracket that will determine our one true champion. We expect one round of the cup to be completed each week. This means that there's no wiggle room: all matches must be played by Sunday each week. Because it would delay the entire cup, no wildcards are allowed during the playoffs. The playoffs officially begin on Monday, August 7th, so please schedule your match immediately. Good luck to all participants, and may the best man win!
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    Seems like it's time to buy Sandstorm
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    @Sparrow be careful, or @Afro. will pluck some of your feathers at the first opportunity! (I'm going to fix your @ afro so that he receives a notification... He will get 2, because of mine )
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    @Patrick You sure that’s not a SS from UJE Italy? Isn't the CP right down that road there?
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    daddys back, cheer up! (only for a few days :/)
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    well, well, well if it is not vndsie the noobie...
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    I should install an old dialup modem and hook it up via telephone wire to my Comcast modem/gateway/tel-service box and see what happens. I have some doubts...I assume the the tones from the dialup-modem would be compressed...and then decompressed at the other end...hmmm... Oh, wait a minute! I would have to find a dialup BBS that is still active! Maybe I could just send the signal to my mobile/cell phone? Hmmm... I found a site with a list of 442 still-active dialup BBS and Telnet addresses. I would have to pick one in my country...found one in Washington state, USA
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    Sorry, Hipkat + ED_, I didn't want any of our readers to actually try this, the Laws of Physics being what they are.
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    @Humpty came to support me for my show last week! Thank you!
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    Learn to clear browser cache? Forum doesn’t know it’s you, until you login. Their is no deactivate group on forums. IPS doesn’t have one. So for people like you, we created duplicate of banned groups where no notification are sent. If you where really banned you wouldn’t be able to create new account either. Fucking dilusional moron.
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    He said you need reset your pc many times i mean like 10 to see it works and if still not working go to trash and throw the pc into trash
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    We all know this does not work.... only putting stickers on your router speeds up the internet -.-
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    Telecommunications companies hate him!
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