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    I don't know about the rest of you, but im sick and tired of our rights and liberties being taken away one at a time slowly so the majority of clueless people dont notice. Point #1 The war on terror If theres ever an easy way to distract the attention from our rigjts its to say "we need to be more secure, and that means we have to give up rights like privacy and the 4th ammendment." This is bullshit. I believe the original Afghan media confirmation of Osama Bin Ladens death at Tora Bora on Dec 15th, 2001. Now, ask yourself... how can our government keep troops in this region? Set up claims that Bin Laden is alive and well? I def feel more secure knowing our military forces are spread around the world...everywhere but here... wtf. The war on terror is a war that will never cease to be. As long as we have enemies and/or people that hate us for living free... the war on terror will never end. Which brings us to... Point #2 The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012 (The NDAA) The ndaa is nothing new. Its passed every year. But this one is special. Not only doea it crush some of our most important constitutional rights, it gives the government the right to treason. In yhe hidden new legialation that you would have to sit down and read to find (which takes about 2 hours) it clearly states that anyone, or group, of people that are deemed a threat to national security can and will be indefinatly detained without trial. No due process. Until the end of hostilities....bringing us back to point #1. A war on terrorism. A hostility that will never end. Do the math there. So lets put this into perspective for any skeptics or people that want to understand. Lets say you take part in a peaceful occupation protest. Now, lets say it gets big and out of hand. Not violent. Just too big for law enforcement to possibly handle. Not only does the ndaa also grant the use of military force alongside of law enforcement, it grants the secretary of state the sole authority in deeming ppl or groups a threat. So, if youre there, and any single person there is suspected and deemed a threat. They can haul them and everyone else with them (or anyone with the same ideas) off to a detention center without trial. No questions. Kinda like guantanemo bay. Can you imagine when the military rolls through your town arresting people for exercising out right to protest our government? Not to mention the TSA! We'll hit that later though. Point #3 The crooks Not only is our president an american hating criminal, so are the rest of your law makers and judges. And police are crooked as well. And the few that arent... well they are easily amd simply blacked out. Remember an idea is more powerful than an action. These are the crooks that drive luxury cars andplay golf on our tabs. Good note: Obama has played well over 100 rounds of golf in his first term so far. And the lavish millions of TAXPAYER dollars he spent on his crazy vacations. And before the critics hit me with "look at all the weeks bush took vacation!!!" Yes he did. Im not saying hes a saint. But when he took vacations he went to his ranch in texas and cut wood and did shit. He didnt goto marthas vineyard and hawaii. These are the people who want to take your rights away and make your dependent on them for every aspect of your life. Tax tax SPEND!!!! Trillions.... trillions we are in debt. And guys like obama and his regieme want to install a socialist healthcare system that is mandated! And by the way its cost is double what he said it would be. Hey just tack some more on there a**h****. Ive read the constitution and i saw no section where it states government is responsible for healthcare. Point #4 WAKE UP!!!! People need to wake up and realize what is happening in america right now! You need to stand as one and do not give in to the divided debated about political parties. Thats why they were created. To divide us. Do not rely on mainstream media for ANY information. Please find a reliable online source. Mainstreamedia is controlled by those that want to fool you and take your rights away and make you a slave citizen. Remember once theae rights are taken away its next to impossible to get them back without a full on rebellion. A revolution....now thats an idea. Keep up with reliable information and read into localgroups that want to fight for this cause. We have the ability. Do not let them take away your rights!
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