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    • Hello, I was inactive in the forums (not so much in the servers) for almost a year. I don't want my account to get deleted, it´s fun to be here.
    • Minas would never work on Jay2 Caen's already on the server BBA castle was removed for some reason, maybe it wasn't well received? Uje00 is really buggy from what I remember Ruins23 is also buggy and a little too big for the amount of players we get on jay2 MLB daybreak, again too big Hydro dam isn't even that popular on Jay1 is it? We should already have Baserace in the rotation but it's not showing up for some reason Warbell's already on the server too Sands of time is a decent map in my opinion but I don't think many people enjoy it Kerkyra is also on the server Egypt is again, too big Bridges, isn't this that huge sniper map we had on Jay1 not too long ago? I think it's the one with the train going over a frozen river Industry 2 I don't remember this one, will test tomorrow and see what it's like Hotchkiss is the one where you destroy the wall with dynamite you pick up isn't it? I never really enjoyed this one but maybe others do Uje the ghetto and helmsdeep, I'll have to test these too as they're not ringing any bells I don't think railgun is that enjoyable to be honest   The max number of players we get is around 10v10 but that's only when Jay1 is full so we're usually sitting around 4-6 players per team, a lot of big maps just will not work.   Chicken bucket I've not played in years so would be fun to play it again with people, maybe it wouldn't hurt to add one new map to the rotation instead of replacing another. Wood it be better to swap out radar for ET Ice instead? I saw a lot of complaints for radar summer on the Jay3 topic shortly after I made that new rotation post. With Halloween coming up Axis Lab and Haunted Mansion are pretty good shouts. How about instead of swapping Raiders with MLB Carnage, we swap it for Haunted Mansion and also add Axis Lab to the rotation? (Now it's 2 maps added without replacements :p) I'll make these changes to that pastebin I made in my last post when I'm at my computer so everyone can see what the rotation would look like and give feedback. I'll also test those 3 maps and edit this when I'm done.  
    • Nico idea negan!!, I Will be there with my knifes 😜 Thanks you !!
    • @n3g4n That is some kick butt work there Mr. N3g4n.  Big time kudos!!!   I will try and be there as well!!!  🍬🕸️🕷️
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