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    • Yeah those sessions were always fun. 
    • Yes you have -    "currently 05.00 am Italian time, many lag and nohit"    You keep saying many lag each time but provided no evidence and your evidence now clearly shows your ping is fked. Acc wise -  different server different settings. When I made same settings of jay2 on jay1, clearly PX had no issues. This topic is ABOUT SERVER ISSUE WHICH EXISTED FOR FEW WEEKS! Please learn to understand the topic and that's why players hate you sometimes.  Every day, I used to get report for your post from other players, asking to remove your post. Why you think you are in moderation Q? Because staff is tired fixing your post.    All I am saying is - learn to analyze the problem, then report it in correct topic. 
    • cards against humanity just saying 
    • calm down Boss, I have not criticized the server, and I have not talked about the known problem of 30 seconds of total lag for all that was found in the past, I just said that when there are many players, and at some times of the day, do not enter the shots even if you shoot a player still, this problem also have other people, but I never said it is caused by the server, but probably by the players who have excessive ping, and maybe play while downloading or sending files on the internet, many have a high but stable ping, that does not create a problem, but when I'm a spectator and I see people that their latency oscillates, for example from 80ms, to 500ms, it's obvious that if there are 10 players in these conditions, when the server is full, can also cause problems for players who have a smooth line, but this problem is not only on jay1, for example, if I play from 06.00pm to 08.00pm Italian time on jay3, despite Italy is close to the server, and despite I have at a low latency, my accuracy drops dramatically, and do not enter the shots, but looking at the statistics of the other players I noticed that all have a lowering of the accuracy around 28-30%, instead at other times, the players I know how they play and their accuracy oscillates around 37-40%, what makes you think? this answer is obviously linked to the post of | PX | Rocket, the differences in accuracy between jay1 and jay2 https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/102630-jay1recruiting-vs-jay2-accuracy/#comment-849408
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