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    • OMG, I forgot all about Microsoft Bob!     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Bob   It was supposed to be a "user-friendly interface" to replace the Program Manager.  I don't think that I ever used it.    I forgot about Rover, too!  
    • @-=HipKat=-  Oh, I did not notice it was you :D ! Nice part of yesterday! @RedBaird  Okay, it's a shame, I just have to start over, thank you for your answer! @DoubleDragon    Okay, I'll see that! thanks to you for sharing
    • I use this on my pc https://www.carifred.com/uvk/ it doesn't requires any startup services you can choose to install it or use it as a portable app if you can find the download for the portable version I keep it on a flash device in case they ever quit giving it away.    I use it to immunize the system from being changed and Windows Defender is disabled through group policies. I have installed Malware-bytes and set it as default Anti-Virus with auto start turned off, this is a better idea then killing Windows Defender all together or using Defender at all because it's a service hog good improvement in system performance as well.   Just another thought sharing is caring
    • Part of the article says, "Granting a 13-year-old operating system free rein over your computer would be a security nightmare... "   1995 was 23 years ago, or did they mean the end-of-life for 95?  I guess not, according to Wikipedia.   Three years after its introduction, Windows 95 was succeeded by Windows 98. Microsoft ended extended support for Windows 95 on December 31, 2001. Succeeded by: Windows 98 (1998) Preceded by: Windows 3.1x (1992) Released to manufacturing: August 15, 1995 The jump from Windows 3.xx to 95 was stupendous! 
    • It is not possible to do that in Jaymod for one person.  DareDevil can restore a backup of the server's database files in the case of a catastrophic server crash, but not to fix one player's problem.   You should copy the "etkey" file in your etmain folder and save a copy elsewhere.  If you ever have to reinstall ET again, then you can copy your etkey file back into the etmain folder and the server will still have your player-data.     If you play on any Silent-mod servers, then you should also save a copy of the silent.dat file that is in the Silent folder.      
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