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  1. Today
  2. Congrats and welcome aboard! :)

    1. KorsaKoff

      + KorsaKoff

      Thanks broo! :D

  3. Sure I can be found almost every day on HC. Grab me on HC and/or ask it on discord. There is a channel for that. Gengis
  4. Oops, just noticed there is a funny screenshots thread already, post should have never existed...
  5. Digged just enough and found good ol´baserace guide Enjoy: http://web.archive.org/web/20090420041303/http://battlefield.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/baseraceguide/index.htm As you can see I searched through internet archive, since planetwolfenstein doesn´t exist anymore.
  6. Hello guys, Im back! sorry for being inactive for long time, i was really busy... Can i have my level set on silent1 and hardcore please? thank you.
  7. LazyHippo

    3 word story

    while policeman watches
  8. absoluto


    Welcome to the best place in the world, respects the rules, enjoy your stay and do not forget to visit silent
  9. Welcome to the best place in the world, respects the rules, enjoy your stay and do not forget to visit silent
  10. For clients it goes in C:\Users\%username%\Documents\ETLegacy\etmain It is made for server side to be on the pure list If not on the pure list it should theoretically stop the errors because it will read from etmain as part of ETL directly cause the file paths are sync *filename is skipped and search is done inside *pk3's
  11. Hulk

    3 word story

    nope, get buzzed
  12. The rushing has stopped. Now Axis needs to learn how to stop Allies from winning it most times
  13. Yesterday
  14. i was just having a agreement with platonic in noway did i know it was going to blow up . sorry DD its really not that much of a prob .!i like goofin off.
  15. DJ's original video is from the "Prime Video DE" channel. I could view other videos on that channel from Asian, European and IPs in the Americas. There is a Prime Video UK channel... where I could see videos from EU, Americas & Asia.
  16. Today got an internship offer ^_^

    1. RedBaird


      Woot!  How much $$$? Oh, wait a minute...

    2. Hulk


      You will get valuable experience I am sure this is what redbaird is trying to convey lol congrats!!giphy.gif

  17. Lichess account (optional): FA-Rolanski Discord ID: =F|A=Rolanski#8942 Time Zone (GMT +/- X): GMT+1 atm.
  18. Kai

    3 word story

    To show admins
  19. Hulk

    3 word story

    for higher proof
  20. Nice! I'm definitely not a scratch golfer yet, but hope to get there! I still haven't hit a hole in one. 2 is amazing! My Uncle just told me he has a couple Scotty's he doesn't use and said I could have one. Can't wait to get it! Yeah, I really like TaylorMade clubs. I'll probably end up with M3s or M5s when I finally buy a new set.
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