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  2. no clue bout it .. im not a It nerd But i will follow ur link next time
  3. What's the log say? (Click Open Setup Log). I'd follow these steps here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/209099387--Windows-Installer-Errors
  4. Today
  5. Have you tried reinstalling whole Discord?
  6. yes i know ... but since it happends offen , there might be another reason
  7. The classic turn it off then on solution
  8. 4th july : 🇺🇸


    14th july : 🇫🇷


    21st july : 🇧🇪

    1. 0siE.


      Vive la République ! haha

  9. You should be cable to transfer ur game, from pc to pc . What about put into a extern disk .. And i recommend to save ur old etkey and silent datfile .. send it to ur own email.. just in case Maybe some have other solutions , so dont rush :-9
  10. Whats up guys, I recently built a new PC. I dont know if there has been another post, but is there anyway to transfer my ET files from one computer to another or do I have to create a new profile and get admin lvl again.
  11. oh hai!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hulk


      Hello Der, What a cute pandy :)

  12. Proud of you Leather! LOL.
  13. problem solved... pc restartet
  14. Cit0


    Lol never thought I would laugh this much about You guys are great! And when you love your corn a little to much and get all Tim Allen on it Opps! Which ones are the Kernels? And which ones are teeth?
  15. Hey It has happends before, and just did again . Got this error when i try to connect to discord. SS and log added SquirrelSetup.log
  16. This was a re-creation task to make a background that looks just like the one they used for the movie
  17. emaL


    corn me up, snek
  18. Alright, well I am having a hard time trying to pick the right ram, now that you said all that. So... 3600mhz is the top for Trident Z RGB.. Should I get that? and if you are gonna recommend any parts, point it to PartPicker, unless its not listed there and/or cheaper. Still trying to keep a budget.. And every bit of it counts atm. Also Noob question. Is the Speed the same as MHz? I have been out of the PC Part game in a long time, so I am still learning here all the new stuff.
  19. emaL


    @BSM I don't want, anyboooody else!
  20. buckwild#3882 Please add Me to F|A Members on Discord, Thanks!
  21. Yesterday
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