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Hello again, I would like to thank the staff of the clan = F | A = for the attention to my other doubt that I had, and I am here again to ask just one more. I would like to know how and how I can put the music from wolfenstein's menu to play while downloading files on jaymod 2.2.0 server with enhacedmod 1.0.9?

Thank you very much in advance!

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This is a wav file for the opening of the system the source is built in to the pk0.pk3 will have replicate the sound directory from the pk3 to this specific file and add a new pk3 to the server with this .wav file name that plays. The name of the wav file is menu_server.wav now this file goes in the MOD folder not the etmain or you will give users a problem with two sounds playing at startup.




Dont think their is a script needed cause by default it's built into the executable just need to add a new pk3 with folders in the pk3 sound and music with the wave file in music folder.


I think it's been many years but it should be spot on.

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I already had a cfg jaymod for many years that when the player downloaded the music from jgo touched this menu without doing any modification creating this file, so I think and some command that puts in cfg.

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What I mean is this goes in the directory where the mod folder is located unless you make a new pk3 


Have you ever made a sound file do you know how to make the .wav it can't be no longer then 30 secs




Im half asleep work nights mostly sorry the time limit for menu_server is I think limited but dont recall the 30secs is what I used before it's in a range.


Here is attatched what it looks like its PCM 16-Bit Mono 22k hz this is a blank audio using Audacity.




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