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Good morning, everyone, I have a problem and you are the best ones to help me. I have a jaymod 2.2.0 server with enhacedmod working, it does not lag and it does not fall, the only problem is that once the client hangs and should leave the server and log in again, can anyone help me with this question? Thank you very much in advance

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Don't enforce getstatus packets restriction. What do you use as server binaries? ET300 with default settings? 

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There is a cvar called sv_zombietime in the server.cfg that can be disabled if you set it to 0 this will process will be disabled.


set sv_zombietime "0" //default is 2 " this is the players attempt to reconnect to the server based on the wait time. This zombie will hold the spot for as long as the sv_timeout limit isn't reached."


That is all.


Have a good day.

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