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Whats the history or reason behind your player alias/username

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No one could have guessed it but my name is meow because I like cats.   I was looking for a new name once and then I saw my old cat....meow. There, the best idea crossed my mind x]   My first ET n

it came from an episode from simpsons       In latin spanish he said: Mi vieja mula ya no es lo que era, ya no es lo que era. My old mule is no longer what it was, no longer what it was. (k

In American politics (yes, I said the 'P' word), 'Left Wing' is slang for the Democratic party, or Liberalism. All the while 'Right Wing' means the opposite, the Republican party or Conservationism. 

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Since I get asked from time to time. Some usually ask me if I got Cabal from Destiny or from Cabal Online or Blacklist, all wrong 😛


I picked CABAL from the RTS Game older than ET, Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun.


CABAL is a biological AI for the Brotherhood of Nod. After the second war, CABAL went rogue and waged war against NOD and GDI with a cyborg army he created from capturing civilians.


C&C is easily one of my all time favorite franchises, Tiberium saga is one of the best stories I've played in gaming (aside from that one game 😐 )

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