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Maps and it's issue - Info needed

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Server: Silent1

Map : =F|A= Base


The first axis spawn is flawed.  A axis member can manually select it and the player will be spawned there the entire game even after Allies capture it.


I've caught several people exploiting it, would be nice to have it fixed.


// =F|A=.null

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=F|A= BEGINNERS #2 XPS   First problem: the axis bots aren't moving forward the first gate on Minas Tirith. They're just running is circles, I'm not sure if the !gib cmd can help if it moves

I uploaded new ones, let me know if there is still issues.

Glitch report Teuthonia_Final   Allies can jump over bank door "through" the upper part of it and steal gold crates even when the Tank hasn't been repaired at first place, not to mention past one b

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Please no more Baserace on Beg 2. Flying medics + adren rush make this map unenjoyable. 

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Silent1 crashed today at 10pm CEST.


We just voted on next map. The next map was Battery. During warm up, another call for next map happenned, and the server crashed at the end of that vote.


Don't know if it had anything to do with the map of the voting system, but I wanted to report it just to be sure ^^


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Server: NQ#1

Map : Caen 2


It's possible to jump over the fence at the beginning of the map.
I think this should be disabled as has been done for the fence jump in warbell

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Server: Jay1


Both Italy and Eagles 2 Ways need some fixes to become balanced and fun.


  -  In Italy the audio for when the jeep is damaged and repaired is broken. Without working audio it's hard to keep track of whether the jeep is moving or not, especially if you're busy in a firefight.

  -  Second issue is that the audio for the second gold crate still says first gold crate (ie "They have secured the first gold crate!"). This is super confusing because if allies secure both gold crates but it only says that the first gold crate is secured I'm often caught unaware when I see that the jeep is already driving away.


I know Eagles 2 Ways is popular with some people but I think it's a pretty poorly designed map. However, there are a few small changes that I think would make it way more competitive and balanced.

  -  There ought to be a roof over the first flag. As it stands, allies can skip both the avalanche wall and the tunnel objectives and just get lucky falling on the flag pole.

  -  Someone else suggested that the second flag at the top of the tram should be recapturable by axis, which I think is cool idea. Maybe one of those two flag changes could be implemented if both seems like too much.

  -  Another issue with Eagles is that the hangar door at the very end of the map is destructible from the start of the map. This means that an allied engineer can complete the second to last objective of the map quite early on while axis are defaultly spawning all the way on the other side of the map way up in the castle. My two solutions for this are either to make the hangar door a constructible that can be blown with a satchel and subsequently rebuilt or to simply deactivate that objective until the bus is moving.

  -  I'm not sure if this issue is fixable but the bus is very difficult to damage. Explosives need to hit it in just the right place (maybe even inside it) to destroy it. I think ideally it should be more like the vehicles in other maps that are damaged when something explodes anywhere near it.

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